Sunday, July 24, 2011

Quick Vlog

Are the cool kids still vlogging these days? Just wanted to try out my new webcam-thingy and show you my new haircut. It's been a long time since I posted a photo or video, so I didn't want you to start wondering if I was actually a 46-year-old guy from Michigan or something.


It's 'bout time from Mermanda Mermanda on Vimeo.


terra said...

You're adorable. And the hair is super cute!


I invite you on my new blog.
The perfect gift.

sugarmouse said...

you look very young with this cut (: (: it suits you!

Maxie said...

I love the hair!!

p.s. I hope you're coming back to DC soon because I'm super bummed I had to miss you because of my plague last time.

Unknown said...

Your hair is super cute! Sorry to hear about the disaster, I can't believe he'd just keep going if he didn't think it looked good, yikes!