Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Q&A on Yinzpiration

I'm honored to be the first Q&A on the lovely Kate Showalter Stoltzfus' new blog, Yinzpiration. (Burghers, how adorable is that blog name?) You can check out the post here.

Oh, and be sure yinz guys add the blog to your readers!


Tam said...

OMG is that one of your new "professional" outfits? I heart it. Great interview chica!

Kate.Stoltzfus said...

Thanks, Amanda! So glad we were able to connect. Now I really owe you some candy bars. But I must admit, I have yet to find a store that carries Zagnuts. Still on a mission... See you at Nico's:)

Hillary said...

shout out!

ox you.