Monday, August 23, 2010

My dog is kind of an a**hole

You know how Romeo felt about Juliet? Well, that's pretty much how Luke feels about the trash. There is nothing stopping him from being with (read: eating) the trash. We tried everything. Not even a trash can with a locking mechanism could get between this canine and his love for eating grotesque leftovers and other putrid artifacts.

We thought we had foiled Luke's lust for trash eating when we installed an under-cabinet trash mount system this winter. On Saturday, we discovered that after more than six months of basking in the bliss of not cleaning trash off the floor every other day, Luke had taught himself how to OPEN THE KITCHEN CABINETS. If you have a dog, you might realize that this is the equivalent of Armageddon.

After we made this discovery, we did what any sane people would do. We barricaded the trashcan with a heavy chair and went to the home improvement store--making a beeline to the childproofing aisle. We considered all of our options and realized that the layout of our cabinets seriously limited what would work for us. We ended up leaving with a carabiner bungee cord. Upon returning home, Andrew worked his magic, looping the bungee into a configuration that would surely keep Luke from feasting upon our trash for--oh--the bazillionth time.

Yeah. Right.

As you can see in the above photo, Luke is a bona fide a**hole. Not sure what is next for us. I know installing a garbage disposal is a step in the right direction, and we can hopefully do that within the next year. Temporary solution recommendations are welcome, nay, encouraged.

P.S. I know I fell off the blogging truck for a while, but I am ready to make my comeback. I feel a reinvigorated desire to post here again regularly. I have missed you. *hugs*

What do you say? Will you take me back?


Jamie said...

My years of being a nanny say baby proofing locks. The kind you need a magnet or to press in for it to open!

Anonymous said...

It's okay. My dogs are assholes too.

They make this spray stuff called Bitter Apple that you can get from pet stores. It's got a nasty taste to dogs and helps keep them from chewing on things. Maybe if sprayed on a new bungee it would keep him from chewing?

MsDarkstar said...

The blogosphere knew you'd come back, we kept a spot for you!

Welcome Home!

Sarah said...

oh no, we would be forever in trouble if Frank learned how to open cabinets! Jon saw the picture and he said, "Wow that is unfortunate for them!"

Hillary said...

I put Vicks Vaporub on stuff that I don't want the dogs to chew - maybe coat the bungee thing in Vicks and hope for the best?

Non Sequitur Chica said...

We have a garbage can that you have to press a lever in order to open the can. It was $100 at Bed, Bath and Beyond, but worth it as we don’t have to clean up trash from the floor. I know that Luke is a smaller dog so even if he figures out how to press the lever (located near the floor), he may be too short to then get into the trash (because the lid closes as soon as you take your foot off the lever) and/or he may not weigh enough for the lid to actually open.

alyssa said...

Ohh my gosh that is ridiculous. At our old apartment my cat used to open DOORS. And we had to rig the front door super GHETTO so he wouldn't open it and escape!

Baby locks maybe? They are annoying but I guess it would work.

Also yes, more blogs!

D Sharp said...

Is this happening when you're away? I know it's not for everyone, but do you crate when you're away?

Becky said...

Oh my gosh! I would say babygate your kitchen? I don't know what this will do if that's where you keep his water/food during the day but it might be worth re-locating it so he stays out? (And considering how smart he is I would say get a sturdy gate!)

Kerri Anne said...

That dog is DETERMINED. And maybe even sort of a genius. A garbage genius!

Mermanda said...

KT, Luke got into a *LOCKED* garbage can by pushing it on its side and attacking it repeatedly. I don't think a lever will stand in his way, unfortunately.

Jamie and Alyssa, we are next exploring baby locks.

D Sharp, we adopted Luke with the understanding that he would never be crated. He has anxiety. Poor pup.

Becky, he has jumped over the couch, so I don't think a gate will stop him. Isn't he such a little devil?

Kerri Anne, evil genius for sure. Halp!

sarah marie p said...

Wow. That is quite impressive! My cats are both a**holes so I feel your pain!

Good luck with the baby proofing locks!