Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hubby Birthday To You!

Happy 29th birthday to my sweet husband Andrew. You make me laugh with your childlike vigor for life. You fill my belly with delicious and nutritious noms with minimal bloodshed in the kitchen. And you are always up for an adventure. (The horribly frightening warehouse in Homewood full of overturned/damaged furniture comes to mind...)

I am so happy to have you by my side for the rest of my life, as I continue to gamble away all of our stimulus money on the "Deal or No Deal" penny slot machine. (When are we going to the casino? Does tonight work for you?)

You rock. (Literally.) Speaking of rocks, you are also a very worthy rock, scissors, paper opponent. Actually, you should probably try to let me win from time to time to keep my interest. Getting my scissors constantly crushed to bits by your massive boulder is only fun for so long.

Anyhow, love you!


Hillary said...

Happy birthday, Andrew! I hope that your thumb grows back and that this is the year you learn to properly use a mandolin slicer.

terra said...

Aw! Happy Birthday to Andrew!

(Also, what is it about bloggers marrying guys named Andrew? I've got one, you've got one and half the rest of the internet has one.)