Friday, January 29, 2010

"Say Hello Wave Goodbye"

Andrew and I commute to work together each morning. We are lucky because we save money on gas, parking, and other transportation costs. We also get to start our mornings singing along to the radio together and making fun of the morning show deejays. (God, are they awful!)

This morning, while belting out some Faith Hill...


(editor's note: corniest song ever?)

I saw one of the six or so crossing guards we pass during our morning commute. He waved, and I waved back eagerly.

Andrew interrupted our very spirited rendition of the song to ask, "Did you just wave to the crossing guard?"

"Uh, YEAH! He waved to ME! So I waved ba... ... ... ohh... He wasn't waving to me, was he? He was waving that car on... ..."

"Yeah. He wasn't waving to you."

Cue awkward silence.


Ben said...'re an episode of Glee!

Kyla Roma said...

LOL Oh my goodness, you are far too cute for your own good. Love it!!

Hillary said...

you probably made his morning

Gonezo said...

Awww, lucky you guys to get to start and end your days together like that.

I remember once I was commuting to school about 5 or 6 years ago. And there was a couple in the car ahead of me. She reached over while everyone was stopped at a light and scratched the back of his neck all cute and I just about died.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

This conversation plus the conversation in the last post sound like conversations my husband and I have! So blessed to be able to find amusement in our own conversations haha.

Lauren said...


P said...

Haha, that was funny!

It reminds me of the time my mum went into a shop at home and a person working there standing next to the door said "Hi" to her. She was convinced that it must be someone she used to teach (therefore they'd said hi because they recognised her) so on the way back out of the shop she stopped, apologised for not being able to place the person and asked who they were.

This was when she realised that the person did NOT In fact know her, she'd just been put on the door to say hi to everyone coming in.

(This was back when customer service wasn't that great, which explains the mistake on my mum's part!)

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simon said...

The wish of seeing oneself kiss is the very wish that keeps getting various celebrities on the internet in that green night-vision hand-held camera sort of way.

Next up, Mr. John Edwards!

Maxie said...

I am so glad that I drive to work alone. I always do embarrassing stuff and 99% of the time get caught by cars next to me.

Anonymous said...

So I think I just fell in love with your blog.

Yup, I definitely did.


Hannah Katy