Thursday, January 21, 2010

No one consulted me? (Squirrel Appreciation Day)

Remember when I asked you yesterday, "What's next?" Well, here's your answer.

I'm a little miffed right now. You might know it's Squirrel Appreciation Day. (But you probably don't. But now you do. You're welcome.)


Just a little problem.

ALL OF MY SQUIRRELS ARE HIBERNATING. How is a girl supposed to appreciate a creature that is burrowed in a hole trying to keep frostbite away from it's bushy tail?

This will not do. I'm writing a letter to my congressman about this.

Actually, screw him.

I'm starting a petition!

Comment below to sign my (official?) petition to move Squirrel Appreciation Day to a warmer month.

This is an abomination!


Hillary said...

Or you could come to Vancouver and appreciate our squirrels. It's nice and warm here. The squirrels are plentiful.

Mermanda said...

But, Hillary, I thought all of Canada was just frozen tundra 24/7/365?

Anonymous said...

You could go to my old apartment building in (where else?) Squirrel Hill and appreciate all the squirrels that I discovered hibernating in the creepy attic. They were rather large and rabies-ish, though.

alyssa said...

Haha! I saw some squirrels running around yesterday :)

LovelyAnomaly said...

Come to my college campus. The little fuzzy guys are still romping around!

Anonymous said...

The HuskyMutt almost caught a squirrel yesterday. They are in abundance down here in Richmond, Va. I think if they hibernated they would miss getting to terrorize my dog.

Unknown said...

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Direction said...

Ha I know someone who would appreciate it. My coworker that I share an office with feeds all the woodland creatures that live outside our building. Our shared space has a sliding glass door that leads to a deck. Twice a day she goes out and feeds them. They all have names. We have squirrels, chipmunks, birds, and even a woodchuck. She calls them her therapy.

Kenzie the Random Girl said...

I love squirrels... In my homeroom class there's this acronym we made up: SIMP. Squirrels In My Pants. LOL! My great-grandfather HATES squirrels. Anyway... Squirrels also taste good. (What, you never had BBQ squirrels?) I'm from Louisiana so, its normal to eat squirrels down here in da southern LA region where I live. Anyway... Peace Out! Go RANDOMNESS!