Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A twist on the traditional holiday greeting card

Tonight we are taking Luke to the vet to have his thyroid levels checked. They've been checked before (and he was put on meds for a thyroid disorder) but we found out they have not been using the Michigan State Panel, which is the only way to accurately check a greyhound's thyroid levels.

So tonight, Luke's blood will be mailed on ice to Michigan State University for analysis.

In other news, Hillary and I had big plans to kidnap Kyla. See, Kyla basically lives halfway between Pittsburgh and Vancouver, so the idea just came to us naturally one day. The same way most great inventions are conceived of. Like the ab roller, for instance.

Anyhow, Kyla is going to Vancouver this week and thereby thwarting the great kidnapping plan of 2009. I'm very distraught and trying to come up with a way to be a part of their Canadian tomfoolery.

And so far, my best idea is mailing my blood on ice to Vancouver.

Do you think I can arrange that through FedEx?



Hillary said...

fedex said no blood but I think you could get away with fingernail clippings

A Super Girl said...

Luke's blood is in good hands. As a proud MSU grad, I know they've got a great vet program ;-)

Unknown said...

I thnk a lock of hair would do just fine.

Anonymous said...

I say you mail the blood, and they can divide it and wear it around their necks in little amulets, a la Angelina Jolie & Billy Bob Thornton. Nothing creepy at all about that.

Kyla Roma said...

I still need you guys to take the initiave on kidnapping, I think we could make a break for Mexico that would at least be great blogging fodder!

rachaelgking said...

I'm with Hillary. Or what about a hair doll?