Friday, October 2, 2009

Third Time Is A Charm & Tales From A Babyfaced Bride

Last night my mom and I went shopping for *gasp* a rehearsal dinner dress. I ended up hating the way the brown one fit when it arrived in the mail. I just didn't want to bore you with the details. Because, honestly? I'M BORED WITH IT. Dress shopping is not my favorite thing. I'll post a picture of the new one post-honeymoon.

While we were out, my mom and I stumbled upon this beautiful wrap in the window of an Asian shop. I only could tell it was beaded and predominantly blue. When we asked the store clerk to show us, I yelled, "OH MY GOD!"

YOU GUYS? It has two peacocks beaded on it. Really beautiful, not tacky like it might sound. My mom bought it for me to wear at the reception, as I'm always freezing. Especially in those ballroom type of settings. So now, I'm going to be beaded, beautiful, and warm! Yay!

But here's what I really wanted to tell you about our trip to the mall. Both of the people who helped us, the woman at the Asian store and the woman at Macy's where we bought my dress, were stunned to hear the things were for my upcoming wedding. In fact, the woman at Macy's asked which school's dance the dress was for. HA!

At the Asian store, a man behind the register said he would have guessed I was 16 or 17. I do not understand this. If I look 16 now... how old did I look when I WAS 16? 7?

I know everyone says, "BE HAPPY THAT YOU LOOK SO YOUNG! YOU ARE GOING TO REALLY LOVE THAT WHEN YOU ARE MIDDLE AGED!" Well, guess what? If you tell me that, I'm probably going to have thoughts of punching you in the mouth. I want to look mature and womanly for my wedding. I want to stop being mistaken for a student at work and start being treated like the professional publicist that I am.

Hey, TLC's "Ten Years Younger"... can you work your magic in the other direction for me? That would make me look my actual age. Thanks.



Ashley // Our Little Apartment said...

Yeah, I could have totally written this.

Plus, I am very petite - 5'1". Which doesn't help.

Just yesterday, someone told me I looked "just like the kids!" Meaning: I look like I could be a freshman in high school.

Ugh. I am so with you, love.

Hillary said...

start frowning more so you get some forehead wrinkles

that's all I've got. sorry :)

Jane said...

Sorry. I have absolutely no sympathy. People always think I'm older than I am, and I haven't been carded in a year. Looking older than your age is just as bad, if not worse, than looking young.

Mermanda said...

Jane, I wasn't really asking for your sympathy. Just stating I would like to look my own age.

Maxie said...

I think you look lovely and of age you pretty peacock :-)

Mermanda said...

Maxie, flattery will get you everywhere. I'm mailing you the ghost as your reward.

Stephanie said...

Story of my life! I went to Cache 2 years ago with my mom and they asked if I was looking for prom dresses?! And, when I was house hunting 2 years ago with my parents - the next door neighbor asked what grade I was in. OUCH.

Doniree said...

When I was 22, I worked at a golf course as the beer girl. Towards the end of one summer, this foursome asked me which high school I went to. I was like, "um, I just graduated from COLLEGE, but thanks."

Rae // theNotice said...

Holy cripes! The wrap sounds gorgeous, but in more important news -- sixteen?!


Mayyyybe, I guess.

A VERY small maybe. But whatever... you're gorgeous, even if you do look younger than you are!

Aimee said...

LOL! I get that too, but I love it. I don't ever want to look my age (unless of course people start telling me I look older than I am).

The wrap sounds lovely, can't wait to see it.

Lauren said...

I always get that too! "When you're 40 you'll be so happy to look young!" Um. Great-but right now can I look at least old enough to get into a rated R movie?

I can't believe you found a beaded dress with peacocks on it. I NEED TO SEE IT! I'm so, so excited for you. :) I bet it's beautiful.

EP said...

Wow. I totally know how you feel on this because I get confused for teenagers (or, more specifically, high school students, as I sometimes have to photograph inside the schools here.) I don't know what to say to make it better, but at least we'll look young and awesome when we're 40. Right?

raeleighjo/bigskygirlmt said...

i am totally with ya, babe. when i got my bangs cut i asked my mom "be honest, does it make me look 14?" and she said "um, yes. but they are SO CUTE!" yeah yeah, thanks mom. people always think i'm way younger, but i'm starting to appreciate it a little. :)

Kerri W. said...

I have allllwwayyys looked younger than I actually am. I think that I've only recently begun to actually appreciate it. Kind of.

When I get carded to get into a rated R movie (which happens a lot, actually) I just look at the person asking me with a look of judgement and want to say, "Oh, silly-poo. I have been old enough to get into a rated R movie FOR THE LAST EIGHT YEARS. SO, HA!"

Well, I haven't quite made it past the rude-comment phase, but whatever.

I feel ya.

(We're going to be some sexy 40-year-olds. Let me tell you that.)