Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A pig, a bird, and a birthday

It has become a tradition for me to give Andrew gifts of custom art that reflect our quirky personalities. (Okay, I say quirky, you say weird... tomayto tomahto...)

This year, wrapped in several pairs of his boxer shorts, I presented to Andrew his dream come true.

Painting by Katie Vernon. Check her out at and her Etsy shop ChipmunkCheeks.

I discovered Katie's work on Design*Sponge, where I fell madly in love with her flower prints. I ordered the hedgehog and deer and just got them framed last night. I'll be sure to show you how they look hanging in our bedroom. (I know, I know. I promise you photos and do I deliver? No. Not yet. But I swear. Things are finally coming together at the house and THERE WILL BE PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE SOON.)


Click here to see where this birthday gift tradition began.


Hillary said...

Happy birthday, Andrew!!

Dear Amanda: My birthday is October 12th. I like birds and pigs, also. Love Hillary

Lindsay said...

This is such a great idea. That painting is the definition exudes all kinds of awesome.

Tam said...

I heart Etsy so hard.

I also love that my hubs calls it "EEET-SY" - it totally cracks me up!

Happy birthday MERMANDREW!

Maxie said...

happy birthday to my favorite merman!

Unknown said...

happy birthday, andrew!

i love the pig-bird. art based on quirky things totally rocks.

one of my friends spells etsy out, as in "eee-tee-ess-why"... it rhymes with "betsy," come on! ;)

Lauren said...

I love how it came out! I hope he loved it as much as you enjoyed getting it for him. :)

Also, Happy Birthday Andrew!

ria said...

happy birthday andrew!! :)

michelle woo said...

Cool. I might never use wrapping paper again.

Katelin said...

happy birthday andrew! and um sort of a sweet picture.

Melissa Maris said...

When I was 9, I had a parakeet and I made him a "portable perch" out of a plastic coat hanger. This totally reminds me of that. Love it.

rachaelgking said...

I think your relationship might be as awesomely weird as mine. And I love it.

Happy Birthday!