Friday, August 21, 2009

Bacon Update

With clearly too much time on my hands, I've come up with my list of foods that I'd rather eat than bacon. I am surprised to say the list is longer than 30.

1. Guacamole
2. Tacos
3. Grandma’s Matzoh ball soup
4. Pizza (depending on where it’s from)
5. Banana cake
6. Mac & cheese
7. Grilled cheese
8. Sushi (rolls and/or sashimi)
9. Eggroll
10. My mom’s lasagna
11. Breaded pork chops
12. Pesto pasta
13. Mussels
14. Shrimp
15. Lobster
16. Pizza rolls
17. Soft pretzel
18. Corned beef sandwich
19. Cheeseburger
20. Bread w/ olive oil for dipping
21. Brownies
22. Gingersnaps
23. Kalamata olives
24. Anything you would eat on Thanksgiving (stuffing, turkey, pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, etc.)
25. Grandma’s kugel
26. Sloppy joe (is it just me or does this list have a lot of options for 5-year-olds?)
27. Wonton soup (mmmm… that sounds good right about now…)
28. Kosher dill pickle
29. Queso dip! (my newest vice)
32. Mint chocolate chip or rocky road ice cream
33. Edamame (could simplify this list with “anything on which I can pour insane amounts of soysauce”)

Conclusion: sea creatures, salt, chocolate, grandma’s home cooking, and cheese trump bacon every time.


Hillary said...

Sea creatures? Nnow I am sad. I guess if I continue to love strawberries despite your allergy, you can continue to love sea creatures despite mine. Sigh. The friendship is still on. I won't lie; it looked dicey for a minute there.

S said...

Pork chop before bacon? No! I think bacon is in my top 10. Of course I don't eat beef or seafood so those are not options for me...

MeganElise said...

Just a note that some things on your list are made even more amazing WITH bacon:

Pizza, Mac and Cheese, Shrimp, Cheeseburger, and grilled cheese. And on Thanksgiving my Aunt makes some sort of incredible stuffing with bacon in it.

I too apparently have the tastes of a 5 year old, but my 5 year old is chubby.

Mermanda said...

CRAP! I FORGOT SOMETHING. Long John Silvers fish planks soaked in malt vinegar. MMmmmmm...

Hillary, does that mean you can't eat sushi? THE HORROR!

S, well, only a very specific pork chop. My dad makes these thin and juicy breaded ones that I soak in soy sauce. (Are we sensing a pattern?)

MeganElise, You are very correct. And I too noticed that trend... but this list is like asking myself: Would I rather eat a pile of bacon or.... mac and cheese? MAC AND CHEESE. But would I rather eat bacon or a salad? Bacon. Would I rather eat bacon or wedding soup? Bacon. Would I rather eat bacon or a bucket of chicken? Bacon.

Get me?

MsDarkstar said...

I, too, noticed your list had a plethora of items that would be tasty WITH BACON. For instance, Bacon Wrapped Shrimp? GENIUS! (and NOM!)

Anonymous said...

Bacon is number 1. OK, maybe number 2, but I can't actually think of anythign that would be ahead of bacon right now. Myabe cheese.

Sara said...

If I were to make a list of the things I would eat before bacon, there would be no list.

However if I were to make a list of the things I would eat before any kind of sea creature it's limit would approach infinity.

ha, to each his own.

Sara said...

This must also be mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Well, great. Now I'm hungry. And there are 6 boxes of Annie's Mac & Cheese downstairs and I might just have to go eat three of them.

Tam said...

um. Few things.

You are so Jewy. (I totally heart 3, 18, 25 too)

Also, the hubs sent me an official email the other day alerting me to the swedish fish gelato.

This post officially confirms we were separated at birth. We have the same taste buds. Exact same.


I don't eat bacon.