Friday, July 31, 2009


Today I am:

Enjoying replying to everyone's comments on yesterday's delurking post.

Resentful of centipedes and the men who refuse to kill them. *ahem*

Thankful for payday but still not sure how I'm going to pay off this impressive credit card balance.

Giddy to make my third Craigslist purchase tomorrow. (Photos for all three to come!)

On a similar note, I'm trying to come up with some items of my own to sell on CL.

Looking forward to finishing putting together our office in the spare room this weekend. (Again, photos to come.)

Hoping it stops raining in time for the farmers' market.

Pleased with my progress on my 101 in 1001 days list.

(Not sure to whom I should attribute the above image--but isn't it gorgeous?)
EDIT: Using nothing but my ninja skills and Internet cunning, I tracked down the origination of this graphic. It is available for free at How awesome is that?


Tam said...

30 comments! Your delurking post made you a comment whore! That's right. I said it. SIX PERCENT of your readership gave you a shout out yesterday!!

Invitations are overrated,unless you actually want guests at your wedding.

Also if husband interviews in Pittsburg maybe we can sleep at your new casa, like in your bed - or Lukes - or the den. Whichever werks.

Hillary said...

Andrew needs to review the terms and conditions of your contract. The part where it CLEARLY STATES that he is in charge of the investigating of strange noises at night and the killing of the bugs.

Lauren said...

I LOVE that above image! My roommate made an image similar to it, only for circus. View!

Lindsay said...

Love the picture. I kind of want to hang it on my wall.

Kristin said...

i just fell in love with that picture! i want it in a nursery or in a fun black and white bathroom! it's gorgeous and makes me happy!

love your blog by the way! i'm def a lurker...i've got you in my reader but i dont comment nearly enough! i'm going to strat trying now that I'm out of school (mostly!) and have more free time! (kinda!) :)


Becky said...

I love that image!

Cannot wait to see pictures of your CL purchases and your new office.

rachaelgking said...

Dude, your delurking post was a total success! *files away genius idea*

Melissa Maris said...

That image is great. You should sell it on Craigslist. Just kidding...

Your delurking post just totally cracked me up.

Gina said...

Centipedes are Satan's minions. And men who refuse to kill them are clearly failing at Man.

Anonymous said...

Brad and I have an agreement: I clean up cat puke, HE KILLS THE CENTIPEDES. Did you know they bite? THEY BITE.