Monday, July 27, 2009

A sign of the times

We all have heard--and most of us are probably aware first hand--that the economy is kind of in the toilet.

What you might not have known is that people are STRIKING IT RICH on Craigslist. You can too. And the best part is that you probably already have laying around what you need to get started in making your fortune on CL:

2 partial rolls of garbage bags
20 post-it pads (Steal 'em from work. No one will know. KIDDING! Never do that.)
7 pens
a doily
another doily
yet another doily
one more doily
okay just kidding... this is the last doily
an assortment of vacuum cleaner bags
a box of rocks

And viola! You are the proud owner of $62. That's enough for a lavish meal of sushi, several pieces of costume jewelry, or five pizzas. Now don't you feel smart?


Anonymous said...

Haha! How do you find this stuff?

No seriously...

Jess B-Dubs said...

since when am i not supposed to steal office supplies from work?

Jane said...

$10 for two partial rolls of garbage bags? Someone definitely took those from work.

W said...

The best part about the garbage bag post is not the price but the fact that whoever is selling them obviously has no idea what a gallon is!

Tam said...

gotta love that entrepreneurial spirit!

Are you bored at work too?

Just checking.

Lauren said...

Wow! I love how specific everything is. 7 pens. Partially used roll. One doily.


Pretty Unfamous said...

I have a very large assortment of shoes I want to sell. Maybe I can make some money on them!

Melissa Maris said...

That is awesome. We tease my mom all the time and tell her that if we sell every knick knack in her house for $1, we will be millionaires.

Sara said...

I would like one pen for 75 cents please.

Unknown said...

A box of rocks? SOLD!

michelle woo said...

YOU posted all this stuff, didn't you? I knew it.

sarah marie p said...

You are the most hilarious. I love this post! I love you! And I love Craigslist! Ohhhh the insanity! You are the best at finding that shiz!