Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The one where I'm cranky

5 things that are annoying me today:

1. The woman who slid into my seat on the bus this morning was SO CLOSE to me that her right butt cheek was smashed up against my left butt cheek. And before you go assuming she was a large woman, she probably weighed 120 pounds max. There's no excuse for that kind of behavior.

2. Every time I take a sip of my coffee, three drops land in my lap. It now looks like I wet myself. (Whoever is designing these Dixie cups to go, can we work on this?)

3. I had to wear my winter coat this morning. HEY, APRIL? YOU ARE BEING A JERK!

4. I slept for nine and half hours last night and I'm still struggling to keep my eyes open.

5. I don't normally write about my job on this blog, but I really need to vent for a second. No one from work has donated to my March for Babies fundraiser yet. Normally this wouldn't irk me, but I really go out of my way here to support my coworkers' fundraisers, charities, and the like.

True, I didn't buy four boxes of Girl Scout cookies to "be a good person." I bought them because they are freaking delicious. But still, I always go the extra mile for my colleagues. I send them flowers when they are sick, I go to funerals when their loved ones pass away, I pick up the slack for them when family emergencies demand their time away from work. So why is it no one has donated so much as a dollar to my cause? Kinda hurts. :(

EDIT: Thought about deleting #5 since the day I posted it... but just a few days ago I did start receiving donations from my coworkers. In these hard times, I would have appreciated a dollar or two from whoever could spare it, but a handful of them have stepped up in a big way. I'm thankful for everyone's generosity. I'm proud to say I've surpassed my goal of raising $500 for the March of Dimes!


Hillary said...

1. I HATE that. My train ride is 30 minutes. Thirty minutes is a long time to have a stranger's butt touching yours. It gets toasty. And very uncomfortable.

2. Take the lid off.

3. April = allergies = sucks. Every year. April is not known for being nice.

4. I hear ya. Except for the sleeping nine and a half hours part.

5. Every year I participate in a breast cancer walk. Every year my coworkers ignore my requests for donations, even though every year I support their stupid fundraisers.

Dwight said...

A FORMER coworker donated. :)

Mermanda said...

Yes, Dwight, that much is true. But you left me here to die with all of these penny pinchers, dintcha? :P

rachaelgking said...

If it makes you feel better, I don't think I've ever had a drink of anything in my life without spilling it on me...

Tam said...

1. AT LEAST YOU HAVE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION! (also, getting felt up on the bus is not always a bad thing)

2. I'm allergic to caffiene and can't even have decaf. I hate you for wasting those three drops.

3. You should take this up with Mamma Nature or god but not April.

4. use toothpicks

5. sounds like your coworkers hate babies and puppies. Be careful of those kinds. My coworkers forget my birthday every year... and I BRING IN A CAKE!

Sh. said...

I think you need a BIG HUG!

And maybe a cupcake or two!

Anonymous said...

Butt touching is not okay...personal space is a foreign concept to some people!

ria said...

this week has been craptastic so far :(

Boo on your coworkers for not donating

Maxie said...

Today I walked around with my fly down for 45 minutes. I'm awesome.

Laura said...

I'm doing relay for life right now...for my work. & yet I am one of two, count em. TWO people that are actually participating. We had to ask friends & family to join because all of my co-workers are so lame.
At least a couple of them have donated. That helps a little.

stealthnerd said...

It's an epidemic of close-sitters! These freaks must be stopped!!! First my weirdo on the train and now yours on the bus?! Where will they invade next!

Anonymous said...

i don't mean to giggle at your distress, but when it rains it pours i suppose. perhaps you should assume the "wide stance" on the bus and after someone sits down, THEN tighten up and leave some space inbetween. crazy butt invaders.

Kitty said...

Hello!?! This is my bubble. That is yours. Why is this such a difficult concept for some people.

Katelin said...

man i hate when people sit too close, it always weirds me out whenever that happens. and umm i always spill my drink on me, hence why i drink water most of the time :)