Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Answers Part III

Here's the third and final installment of answers to your questions. You can find Part I and Part II here and here.

What's the most embarrassing thing I've ever done?
I don't know if this is "the most" embarrassing thing I've done, but I can tell you it definitely sticks out in my mind as one of those cringe-worthy moments of my life. First, I'll preface this by saying I've never been the athletic type. Sure, I hung with the boys growing up--playing soccer and wiffleball in the backyard. But did I ever have coordination? Hell no.

Anyhow, in junior high school we had to complete an obstacle course in gym class. Probably semi-paralyzed by my fear of climbing a rope, I wasn't paying attention as I hurtled over a hockey stick perched on two orange traffic cones. My toes caught the stick, and I landed on my face. My embarrassment was amplified by a bitchy classmate yelling, "WHAT AN ATHLETE!" Don't worry, though. Karma won when we showed up to our senior prom wearing the same exact prom gown. She was furious. I couldn't have been more delighted. :D

Where did my love for cats in funny hats come from?
I stumbled across my first cat in a funny hat in college on the Internet while procrastinating studying for an econ exam. It was love at first sight.

Do you have a good ginger snaps recipe?
Yes. Step 1: Drive to Trader Joe's. Step 2: Purchase Triple Ginger Snaps. 3. Eat them.

Favorite color?
I've never had a favorite color. (I was a weird kid.) But I find myself wearing lots of greens, purples, and browns.

Best book I've read so far this year?
I've actually only finished two books so far this year... the first two Twilight books. Out of the two, I think I enjoyed the first one more. Currently reading Eclipse.

My typical order at Starbucks?
Cafe Mocha has been my drink of choice as of late. But come Christmas time, I'm a Gingerbread/Gingersnap latte fan.

Favorite vacation destination? (real or hypothetical)
This is a tough one because one thing I regret most about my life thus far is how little I've traveled. I'd like to go to Hawaii, California, Mexico, Italy, England, and France before I die. Me thinks I need a passport.

Favorite breakfast food(s)?
Every morning at work, I nom some apple cinnamon oatmeal. But on the weekends, I live for brunch. I've been known to order chocolate banana pancakes, pumpkin pancakes, blueberry pancakes, french toast, and of course, bacon. Also doughnuts and cinnamon buns are heavenly. (I'm a very healthy eater, obviously.)

My favorite 80's hair band?
Um... I never really thought about this before, but I'm going to say Guns n’ Roses.

That's alllllllll folks!


Anonymous said...

If not having a favorite color makes you weird then I'm a weirdo too!

Anonymous said...

i miss having oatmeal, unfortunately it was apple cinnamon that had bugs in it. check yours! ugh

Sophia said...

I bet you totally looked better in the prom dress, too ;) oh, high school.

Gretchen Alice said...

Man, I would KILL for a doughnut right now.

Becky said...

All of your brunch options sound amazing right now. I also love the gingersnap latte's at Starbucks during Christmas time.

thatShortchick said...

mmm, all of those different kinds of pancakes...nom nom nom.

Rae // theNotice said...

OH MY GOD. I love triple ginger snaps.

Trip to the US = stock up on ginger snaps from TJ's! It's actually a wonderful thing that we don't have them up here. I'm fairly certain I would look like crap a hundred pounds heavier...

Andrea said...

Extra question: what are your favorite brunch places in Pittsburgh? (We'll swap notes, brunch is the most important meal of the week.)

Anonymous said...

soooo...brunch this weekend? Because I pretty much NEED all of those pancakes you just talked about.

Anonymous said...

A cat... in a hat... What's not to love?

Anonymous said...

That girl was RUDE to say the least, and I bet you looked much better than her in it anyway :)

I love your ginger snap recipe!

Lacey Bean said...

I enjoy your recipe for ginger snaps hahaha. Also, I gave you an award on my blog! Yay! :)

Anonymous said...

Your breakfast/brunch response? Poetic. Especially the part about chocolate pancakes.

Maxie said...

I don't have a passport either... it's my guarantee to myself that I won't wake up in a weird country and have no way of getting home.

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not, I'm a big fan of the color "silver". lol.

I could go for some starbucks, right now. I love their Chocolate Banana and Double Chocolate Chip Frapps. :P

Maris said...

I am 100% right there with you on weekend brunch - I love pretty much every food you listed there!

Andhari said...

ooh i'm lovin brunch. And starbucks lattes!