Monday, November 17, 2008

101 Things in 1001 Days

(Track my progress! Completed items are in bold.)

End Date: August 14, 2011

1. Give a gift through Heifer (three times)(1/3)
2. Buy a surgery with Operation Smile
3. Continue to support St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital monthly for 1001 days
4. Sponsor a child through Feed the Children
5. Donate blood
6. Race for the cure (or other worthy cause) March For Babies
7. Buy a homeless person a hot meal
8. Send an anonymous gift
9. Perform random act of kindness (3/10)
-Pamela's Diner
-Fifth Avenue parking meter

10. Tip 50 percent for exceptional service
11. Adopt a dog from a shelter or rescue (LUKE!)

12. Take a trip with my mom
13. Take my dad to “Bacon Night” (Harris Grill, Shadyside)
14. Take my sister on an outing (5 times)
15. Take my parents out to dinner (mom's 52nd birthday at Mad Mex)
16. Clear out junk from my parents’ basement

17. Do 100 push-ups
18. Complete couch to 5K
19. Run a 5K
20. Get buff (abs, tone arms)
21. Play tennis (ten times)

22. Make one of my grandma’s recipes
23. Bake a pumpkin pie
24. Be a vegetarian for one week (3 times)
25. Go to a wine tasting (New allergy to sulfites derailed this one...)
26. Drink Sake
27. Drink a fabulous Bloody Mary
28. Make fudge
29. Bake an apple pie
30. Drink an extra dirty martini It was a little TOO dirty for my taste. Shudder.
31. Make sushi
32. Make a pizza from scratch
33. Eat caviar
34. Learn to poach an egg
35. Bake bread
36. Eat a peanut butter bacon banana sandwich (Andrew's family's favorite treat)

37. Learn to ski
38. Learn to surf
39. Wear false eyelashes
40. Go snorkeling
41. Play in the rain
42. Jitterbug with Andrew
43. Go to a Steelers game (Thanks, Bruce!)
44. Go to a Penguins game
45. Be a groupie for Andrew’s band
46. Go to dance club with Andrew
47. Attend a blogger meetup
48. Go to bingo night
49. Have lunch with a friend (12/30 times)
50. Have “girls weekend” reunion with Jeffies (friends from college)

51. Take a pottery class
52. Decoupage something for myself
53. Make a wreath for each season (1/4)
54. Finish crocheting my afghan
55. Learn to crochet a hat
56. Develop system to remember important dates (bdays, anniversaries, etc.)
57. Have a poem published
58. Write at least two freelance articles

59. Get my passport
60. Travel abroad
61. Drive down the coast of California
62. Visit Philadelphia museum of art
63. Visit Millennium Park, Art Institute of Chicago, and the Museum of Contemporary Art
64. Give Andrew a tour of my college town, Athens, Ohio
65. Travel by train
66. See Sufjan Stevens perform live
67. See Josh Ritter perform with a full orchestra
68. See Rent
69. See Phantom of the Opera
70. Go to a musical production at my old high school
71. Actively plan a trip to Europe

72. Get engaged
73. Take engagement portraits
74. Plan a peacock-themed wedding
75. Make DIY wedding items Nope. But other people did! I know how to delegate. Thanks, Jack!
76. Get married
77. Honeymoon in Hawaii (subject to change) Riviera Maya, Mexico

78. Find a thrift shop treasure
79. Go antiquing (Does it count if I found it on Craigslist?)
80. Shop at farmer’s market (3 times)
81. Cancel all of my catalog subscriptions
82. Compost
83. Become a member of the local co-op

84. Get certified for CPR again
85. Read 50 books in one year
86. Watch a sunrise
87. Watch a sunset
88. Complete a New York Times crossword puzzle (1st of many?)
89. Go to church (3/30 times)
90. Identify 100 things that make me happy
91. SECRET (I might tell you if you ask me nicely. Privately.)
92. Write a living will and have notarized
93. Find out my blood type
94. Keep orchid alive for 1001 days FAIL!
95. Go one week with hitting snooze (3 times)
96. Make online portfolio
97. Get a second tattoo (perhaps a mermaid?)
98. Implement a savings plan to buy a house
(Closed on house May 29, 2009)
99. Have white teeth
100. Frame mermaid/fisherman paintings
101. Have giveaway on my blog with handmade prizes


Hillary said...

Please may I know number 91, pretty lady?

What sort of band is Andrew in? What does he play?

What is Bacon Night? Can I come to Bacon Night with you and your dad?

Are you going to do the 100 push-ups in a row? Without stopping?

Unknown said...

Such a great list...I'm a bit jealous you'll be doing so many awesome things over the next few years ;-)

Allison said...

That is a great list. I need to finish mine, so I can post it. I think I have a long way to go before mine is finished though. Sheesh I'm a procrastinator.

Anonymous said...

Ah! This is amazing, though the thought of making a list of my own COMPLETELY overwhelms me.

When you come visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art, you should totally come visit me! Love that museum, and I can show you around my city!

Anonymous said...

I love your list, there are so many things on there I want to do. You make it look so simple and easy!

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

great list! i gotta finish making mine. gonna steal a few items from yours!

Anonymous said...

Poetry is overrated and 100 pushups are completely unnecessary.

Everything else? Awesome.

sarah marie p said...

I love the list! And all of your nifty categories! You are the coolest!

Anonymous said...

Love the list! Also, I lived in Athens, OH for a while, during my angsty teenage years and almost went to OU because I loved that town so much. Going back to Athens is also on my 101 in 1001 list.

Pretty Unfamous said...

How exciting! Good luck with your list. I like how you have a bunch of categories.

Anonymous said...

This is a great list Mermanda! Very inspiring. :)

Anonymous said...

omg i love the way you set your list up--i may borrow this format when i finally get my list posted!

oh and #72-77 are probably going on my list too haha!

Daddy Dan said...

That's an ambitious list! I really want to do one of these, but just haven't gotten around to it.

And please tell me what #91 is! I'm dying to know!

Lauren said...

I love your list! I love how well it's formatted, with the different categories. WHEN you do everything, you're going to have the best 1001 days ever. :) Good luck!

And I totally want to know what 91 is as well.

Kyla Bea said...

I really love the list - and the categories! My favorites are #7, #11, #47, #72 and of course #91.

Pretty please? = )

Maris said...

This is so awesome - can I come visit when you're making the pies? :)

Unknown said...

I love your list. It's so inspirational and creative.:) I think I'm going to swipe the idea (and maybe a couple numbers) for mine as well.

Kerri W. said...

Hurrah for listy friends! What an awesome list. I like how yours is all categorized and stuff. I tried to do that, but then my hair started falling out and I gave up.

(Okay, so maybe my hair didn't actually fall out. Whatever.)

My favorite is #39. Why didn't I put that on mine? I love it!

PS: You know you're going to tell me that #91 is, right? Riiiight? :)

Jessie said...

This is such a great idea. I've always wanted to make a list of things to do so when I get the time and know what I wnat to do, I may do one too! Good luck with yours :)

Cyndi said...

When do you expect to complete your 101 things?

Rachel said...

I'm currently working on my second 101 list and was searching for some ideas for my final 10 slots. We share quite a lot of the same goals and thanks for giving me a few new ones! Good luck!