Thursday, October 16, 2008

My hair is having a nervous breakdown

Hi! I'm back. Healthy and stuff. Thanks for your well wishes.

So do you remember that battle we were having for the stupidest hair? Well, today I take gold, my friends. I'm having a hair tantrum. It's really bad, people. I couldn't get the layers to curl under at all this morning. No my hair is sticking out in 90 degree angles. I wish I was exaggerating. But alas, the proof is in the pudding crappy cell phone pic.

Oh. And did I mention I have a zit the size of a pencil eraser? Yeah, you're not seeing a picture of that. Trust me, you don't want to.

So here is the conundrum:

I wanted to grow out my hair because Andrew likes it long (what guy doesn't?) and I'm told there are wedding bells in my future. I never imagined myself walking down the aisle with a choppy short frisky hairdo. But you know what? I think that is just what I'm going to do.

I called Andrew telling him about my hair issues this morning.

Me: I'm having a hair conundrum.
Andrew: A what?
Me: Hair conundrum!
Andrew: Hair tantrum?
Me: [laughing] That's not what I said, but it actually works. Yes. Hair tantrum. It is sticking out in a 90 angle. I look so dumb.
Andrew: Where are you?
Me: In my office! Looking dumb in my office! [pause] I think I want a haircut.
Andrew: Are you asking my permission to get a hair cut? Honey! What happened to being an independent woman?
Me: But you like it long! You want me to grow it out!
Andrew: I never said that.
Me: I just want to look nice.
Andrew: Well it doesn't sound like that's working.

So anyhow, I am going to call it quits on this "grow out my hair" business. My hair was long my entire life--until a year ago. And I've never felt more "me" than I do with my funky choppy frisky Mandy Moore haircut.

That is all.


Ben said...

I like Andrew. Very much.

Kyla Bea said...

Oh you look so sad!!

Your hair really doesn’t look bad – if you’re self conscious you should grab a feather fascinator off of Etsy and go for the Brick femme fatale look!

And yay for wedding bells! = )

Having hair that looks and feels like you is more important than having a long haired ‘look’ anyway. But that seriously sucks about the lag time in getting in again. Hair trauma is the worst.

Unknown said...

I've been trying to grow out my hair since my breakup and to say its been a hot mess is putting it lightly.

I may cave as you did and chop it all off again...I feel so much spunkier with it short.

sarah marie p said...

Oh noes! Hair tantrums are the worst! Ohhh how I understand. Awwww... like kyla bea said -- you look soo sad! I'm sorry! :( But your hair really doesn't look so bad -- but I know how it goes when you really want a haircut and you're stuck waiting for an appointment. boo. Growing out hair is the worst! I'm trying to right now cuz I've never ever had long hair but who knows, maybe I'll give up and chop it all off, go super short again. So glad your boy is supportive! And yes, if you feel more YOU with short hair, that is exactly how you should look on your wedding day! Can't wait to read more about your journey to wedding bells! So exciting!

Hillary said...

We may need to revive the battle because today? I too am having a hair tantrum. Something to do with the fine mist of rain I walked through to get to work this morning. I have frizz like you wouldn't believe.

PS: I LOVE your purple shirt.

Lauren said...

Your hair doesn't look awful! Regardless, I could totally see you with short hair that flips out. Like, cute flips out all over. I'll have to find a picture.

I like your hair short! It fits your personality and style nicely. (I say this even though i've never actually seen you in real life. Ha!)

But i understand your delema. I like my short hair. I don't want short hair for a wedding. What to do? Ehh, go short. And wedding bells? AWESOME FOR YOU.

Mermanda said...

Ben, Me too! Omg! We are twins. :)

Kyla, I kind of want to rock a fascinator or bird cage veil at my wedding.

Jossie, Cave. Just do it. Short hair is fierce. I realize that now.

Sarah Marie, I can't believe you've never had long hair! Not even in fourth grade or something? Man. Now I kind of really want you to keep growing it out.

Hillary, Bring it. Photographic evidence is required in this olympic event.

Lauren, Thank you for lying to me and saying it doesn't look that bad. I don't think I can handle a really flippy haircut b/c it only flips when it feels like it. It is a stubborn child and I have no control over it. Especially today.

Allison said...

I pretty much hate my hair right now. I've been having issues trying to decide whether to cut it or grow it out. I finally decided I'm growing it out and then chopping it off to donate it. I think that's the best option for me right now anyway. I think you should definitely go back with the Mandy Moore-esque cut if that's what you like and are comfortable with. You will look beautiful no matter what length your hair is on your wedding day.

Anonymous said...

it doesn't look bad enough to be called a hair tantrum (i will definitely be using that wordage in my daily life).

andrew sounds wonderful! woohoo for wedding bells!

Lisa-Marie said...

I think your hair looks really cute. YOu need to just stick some wax in it, and people will think you are doing that Kirsten Dunst, funky messy thing.

Anonymous said...

you should get it cut like maxie on general hospital. (and just to clarify, i don't watch it, but it's on at work every day)

these pictures are kinda goofy looking, but you get the idea.

...and really, i don't actually watch it!