Thursday, October 16, 2008

And the award goes to...

No. I am not talking about the "stupidest hair" award. We all know I already won that. (Eat your heart out, Hillary.)

Throughout the past week or so, I've been the recipient of three totally radical bloggy love awards. I am not really clear on the rules of passing these particular awards on, so I'm making them up as I go. You have a problem with that? No award for you!

Moving right along...

The "I-Less-than-Three your Blog" Award is from Rialeilani at & that's the way life goes. Ria is a great blogger because she is so open with her feelings, while respecting the privacy of those closest to her. You should really check out her blog... and her new layout! Those daisies are just too pretty.

I pass this award on to:

Who's Your Dachshund?
--->I can't read this as much as I want to... or else I annoy Andrew with my pleas for a pup. No dogs allowed. :(
Two L's Please --->Hillary can try to out-stupid my hair, but it will be a long and hard battle. Also, she makes me LOL. I hope she comes to the meetup so I can ply her with booze to recreate the toilet shot of fame.
Simply, me. --->Wishcake is pretty much the most adorable thing on the Interwebs right now. She even beat out lolcats. One of her readers commented something on her blog to the effect of "You are so adorable that I want to put you on a shelf." Yeah. I feel that way too.
Lots Better Then Your Blog ---> Falwless makes me snort sometimes. I'm kind of a new reader, and feel like the uncoolest person in the class when I read her blog... but it is worth the performance-anxiety.
ramblings of a semi-literate mind --->Jossie is one of my newest commenters, and I am so glad she found my blog. She is one tough cookie and she totally introduced me to Joshua Radin. Thanks! I can't wait to buy his album.

The "A Perfect Blend of Friendship Award" is from Sleepy Jane. Nicole is such a wonderful caring person--someone I would love to know in real life. Her heart bleeds for those in need and she uses her blog to promote causes near and dear to her heart. Oh, and did I mention she is also a doggy blogger at Who's Your Dachshund?

I pass this award on to:
Oh! How Lovely! AND Oh! How Lovely! Shops Yes, that is how much I adore Jamie. She gets this award TWICE. She is totally cute and has the best hair ever, so even though she can never compete in my battle for the stupidest hair... I really think she is neat. She is another blogger who I can't wait to meet in person. I envision lots of squealing and hugs. Her Oh! How Lovely! Shops blog is a serious threat to my bank account, because she has a knack at finding beautiful unique art, jewelry, clothes, etc. Oh... she's also another awesome blogger for Who's Your Dachshund?.

No Ordinary Rollercoaster --->Ben is yet ANOTHER Who's Your Dachshund? blogger. He is my blog boyfriend--but don't tell anyone I said that. I don't want a pack of rabid 20-something bloggers mobbing me to get close to him. When Ben leaves me a comment, nine times out of ten it leaves me in stitches. He says our expectations of him will never live up to reality when our paths cross in Boston, but I personally DO NOT BELIEVE HIM AND THINK HE IS JUST BEING MODEST. Just sayin'.

Free and Flawed --->She cracks me up with her paint illustrations (I really miss your trainer, Jenn). She has contests to name her skeleton. She inspires me to be more thankful with her lists of things that make her happy. Oh, and she's doing a hell of a lot of work to make the 20SB meetup a reality.

Half Deserted Streets
--->See my love letter to Lauren below.

The "I Heart Your Blog" award comes from Lauren at Half Deserted Streets. Lauren feels like someone I've known forever, though we've never met. We have a lot in common--except for how she was in the circus and everything. She is a tremendous writer and from what I hear--she can whip up a mean pumpkin spice cookie. I can't wait to hang out with her in Boston this summer at the 20SB meetup. It will be incredibly silly. And awesome. Did I mention awesome?

Kyla Bea --->I know I already gave Kyla an Award a few months ago... but I can't help it! She's so sweet. And ambitious. And talented. And beautiful. (Blog crush, anyone?)

The Typing Makes Me Sound Busy
--->I've said it before and I'll say it again. J-Money is the funniest blogger around. I invited her to a picnic this summer, but that was the week she was away drinking on a boat or something. Can I tell you how happy it would have made me to see J-Money and Pigpen (dressed as a unicorn) in person? I would have exploded. Really. So I guess it is a good thing it didn't work out. It could have been messy.

I'm a mom in real life --->I don't think Rachel reads my blog, but we are twitter pals. Though I am way better than her at Presidential Bingo... she is really rad. I like reading about her mommy exploits and watching videos of her daughter doing crazy things like pass out on top of the family pet covered in stickers. I hope I can be so lucky one day.

Chrissy: QOFE --->Chrissy just won the hottest mommy blogger's choice awards. I think that means we will be seeing her naked soon. Hawt!

Arjewtino --->I'm a fairly new reader of this blog, but he is VERY funny. He does social experiments and he even has an iphone. (Though it does kind of make him look like a jackass.)


Ben said...

Holy cleaned up at the awards, didn't you?

Thanks for all the dog blog plugs!!

As for NOR...what a pile of garbage...who would give something like that steaming turd an award?

Kyla Bea said...

Aw thank you! You totally made my day!! I have a completely out of control Blog Crush on you, just for the record = )

Rachel said...

I read, I read! I am just way behind and disorganized with my blog roll. And yes, you do kick my ass at Debate Bingo!

Thanks for the award!!!

Unknown said...

I would have never had a mermaid friend if I hadn't stumbled on your blog so I find it a mutually beneficial blogship. The award is just icing on the cake.

Anonymous said...

Awards for THREE of the blogs I write for? Oh man, I'm lucky I have a cute dog and find pretty things on etsy.

YOU are awesome and I need to get my butt out to Pittsburgh to go hang out. Screw visiting the sister, it's you and me! haha

Lauren said...

YAAAY! Thank you! You're the best! :D

Oh, and it will TOTALLY be awesome. I seriously can't wait. I want to book tickets tomorrow. You'll be my best bloggy friend there and we will create CHAOS! (Or, you know, just talk about dorky awesome things.) So excited!!!

Hillary said...

Thanks, lady!
I am simultaneously shaking my fist at you (I DO have the stupidest hair - I DO!) and giggling at the bloggy love.
Have a good weekend! Try to not pass out on a toilet.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for my award. Though, to be honest, I would have preferred the "I-less-than-three" award because it looks like a sideways dunce cap on boobs.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!!!

Thank you so much for the award!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the well-deserved awards and thank you for sharing one with me :)