Thursday, September 25, 2008

Witch Crafty

A few weeks ago I began to wonder if it was possible to thread candy corn like popcorn garland. I did some research online and saw that it has been done. I set my sights on making a bitchin' Halloween wreath.

With a grapevine wreath, spooky ribbon, candy corn, a witch ornament, and spiders from the dollar store, I created this:

Pretty dang spooky, huh?

If you want to make candy corn garland, my advice to you is:

Buy the candy corn from the dollar store. It was twice as much in the grocery store.

Open the bag and let the candy corn sit overnight to harden.

Using a small needle, work it like a corkscrew through the candy corn, just below the white portion.

Buy a little bit more than you need because they will break in half sometimes. (My wreath required two 11 oz. bags of candy corn--I bought seven bags. Ooops.)

Spray clear glaze to keep the candy corn from getting too sticky and to keep bugs away after it is threaded. (Be careful if there are kids around... you don't want them trying to eat it after you spray it, obviously.)


Anonymous said...

look how crafty you are! you rock, that is an awesome wreath!

Unknown said...

Ummm, adorablefest!

Cassie said...

i am highly jealous of your creative skills.

Anonymous said...

How cute! Before I actually read the post, I thought, "Oh, cool! I wonder where she got that kick-ass candy corn garland..."

Ben said...

You clearly have a time machine considering I'd have barely enough time to open the bag before the newf would shove all of it in his facehole.

Or down his pants for safekeeping.

Anonymous said...

omg, that's so cute! but that warning about keeping the candy corn away from kids? yeah, i'd need to apply that to myself too...whoops!

Hillary said...

I am impressed by your skills.
I would have just eaten the candy.

Anonymous said...

Why, oh why, is there the evil that is candy corn in your house?

Andrew said...

If you want to make candy corn garland, my advice to you is: don't make candy corn garland.

Mermanda said...

Ria, Thanks! I get a craft bug in me once in a while. (Not a parasite, Ben.)

Jossie, Thanks, ladyfriend.

Cassie, You too can be creative. You just need some candy and um... thread?

Mojito, Beware this craft involves needles and there is a good chance of drawing blood (if you are clumsy like me.)

Ben, Just buy a decoy bag and sneak into the other room. While the newf is shoving the candy is in facehole, you will be sneakily working your needle and thread through a gigantic bowl of candy corn. He'll NEVER be the wiser.

Stealthnerd, maybe you should just skip the threading part and eat the damn stuff.

Hillary, ICK. Me no likey the candy corn. It is a craft supply ONLY in my eyes.

Arjewtino, see above comment. I swear I only ate like three before I reached my fall quota.

Andrew, my advice to you is buy your girlfriend lots of nice things and ply her with red wine.

Anonymous said...

You're so crafty Amanda!

Lauren said...

That's so cool! I love it! Now I want to try it as well.

Anonymous said...

That is SO cool!!! :) It looks awesome!

Lacey Bean said...

That is SO cute!!!

sarah marie p said...

Ok, this is the coolest ever! What an awesome idea! I can't believe you made a candy corn garland -- genius!!! That ribbon is verrrry spooky and that witch is pretty hilarious! Yayy!!!

alyssa said...

Ohhh...I. Love. Candycorn! GREAT idea!