Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Why I love us

A google chat conversation with Andrew:

Me: Do you have a walrus?
Andrew: hi! i DO have a walrus!
Me: what color is it
Andrew: teal
Me: that's the one! he's loose! i saw him on the news
Andrew: oh no! he has diabetes! he needs treatment!
Me: he's on the birmingham bridge
Andrew: he needs your help
Me: ok. tell me what to do.

UPDATE: He needs a sugar cookie.


Ben said...

What would happen to me:

Ben: Do you have a walrus?

Newf: You're weird.

Ben: sigh.

Newf: pew pew pew pew pe tew tew spaceships!

Sophia said...

you've prob seen this already: http://www.nataliedee.com/093008/walrus-life-cycle.jpg

Lauren said...

Like Ben, here's what would happen with me:

Me: Do you have a walrus?
Him: Yes?
Me: Is it pretty?
Him: Yes? Break dance time!


sarah marie p said...

You guys are so silly. I love it! Silly billies!

Mermanda said...

Ben, I'll share Andrew with you if you ever want to talk about diabetic walruses. He's your guy.

Sophia, I haven't seen it. But I love it. Thanks for sharing!

Lauren, There's a time and a place for break dancing. I'm just not sure where and when.

Sarah Marie, I know. You can't take us anywhere.

Adam said...

"I'll tell ya what though, do you have any rubber WALRUS PROTECTORS?"

Anonymous said...

okay I just IM'd boyfriend with this super important question. OBVIOUSLY.

Here is our convo:

Me: Babe, do you have a walrus?
Him: Heeey! No!
Me: Why not?
Him: Cause they live in the water!
Me: but they are big and cute and faaat!
Him: I'll eat dem!
Me: Noooo, they are just babies!

That was our actual conversation. No lie.

Anonymous said...

Loves it.

(and you totally win for my favorite comment of the day)

Pretty Unfamous said...

He must have gotten home safely, because I didn't see him when I came home across the bridge today! =)

Unknown said...