Thursday, September 11, 2008

A warning to my career-minded friends

Do not sign your work e-mails with something weird, funny, or cute. I just might not notice (until it is too late) and forward it to someone in another department.

Her Excellency, The Poopeyhead

Crap. I am so fired.


Lauren said...

Hahaha. Fabulous! I'm signing my emails like that from now on.

Hillary said...

ha! you rock!

Hillary said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have to say, I've kind of had a crush on you since I read the post about you getting a raise and spending it on shoes.

Anonymous said...

Haha. If I signed anything that way, I would totally be ecstatic that it was forwarded... I would OWN it... (because otherwise, AWKWARD... still awkward this way, but only for the other person)

Mermanda said...

Lauren, It could be a good career move. Who am I to judge?

Hillary, Thanks! You rock harder.

Kolibri, Own it. I like that.