Thursday, September 11, 2008

This means WAR (OR milk was a bad choice)

Andrew: [holding an expired mostly empty gallon of milk in front of my face.] Honey, will you smell this?

Me: [holding my nose tightly.] No! Get away from me. It says it expired Sept. 1. Jesus. Don't you have a brand new one in the fridge?

Andrew: Yeah, but I don't want this to go to waste. Please just smell it. I can't tell if it smells bad.

Me: [still holding nose.] No way. No.

Andrew: Please? Come on. I can't tell. [puppy dog eyes]

Me: [hesitantly] sniff. OHHHHHHHHH! WHAT!?!? OHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Andrew: [laughing like the evil creep that he is.]



Hillary said...

That's totally something I would do. High five for assholes!

Lacey Bean said...

Oh I make Dave smell the milk all the time. I'm deathly afraid of bad milk!!

sarah marie p said...

Oh eww eww eww eww! That's the worst smell EVER! I won't even drink mike if it's about to expire in a couple of days. GROSS!

Ben said...

I do NOT smell milk under any circumstances. If you need to smell for reassurance, its time is up.

Mermanda said...

Hillary, then maybe you can help me plot my revenge. I need to learn how to think more like the enemy.

Lacey Bean, Dave is a good man.

Sarah Marie, I drink soy milk, which typically has a shelf life of two months... so I never get close to the expiration. That rules.

Ben, where were you last night to talk some sense into me?! I never should have crumbled under the pressure. Sigh.

Cassie said...

My husband does this often and I run away in refusal.

Lauren said...

Oh, i'm very serious about milk. If it's the DAY it expires, I throw it away. I love milk too much to have it go stale on me.