Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Speaking of the Lovely Jamie

Have you seen Jamie's latest giveaway?

This week’s feature and giveaway is from the Sassy Apron Etsy Shop by Lana. I know a little cupcake baker who would burst with joy if she owned this little gem:

But the one I love the most of all is the one the creator said she likes the best in her interview with Jamie:

The color and floral pattern of this one reminds me of an apron my grandma used to wear. And I know, Jamie says these aren't your grandma's aprons... and it's true. This one is much more hip than the threadbare one grandma used to wear.

So what are you waiting for? You only have until Friday to enter!


Pretty Unfamous said...

I've looked at some of those aprons, and they would look totally cute even OUTSIDE of the kitchen! I could totally see myself wearing one over a white tee and jeans.

Anonymous said...

I guess they don't make those for men. With rocket ships and racecars instead.

sarah marie p said...

Those are the cutest ever! I want one NOW!

Anonymous said...

Awww!!! Those are ADORABLE! I wish I could sew like that - but some people just have it and some...don't. *sigh* Like me. :)

Anonymous said...

It's officially Jamie Day at Cusp of Normal! Yay!

I'm so jealous I can't win one of those aprons myself because they are too freaking cute!

Mermanda said...

Angela, you go, girl!

Arjewtino, I think you can specially order such things. I like where your head is at.

Sarah Marie, Maybe you'll win!?

SleepyJane, I hear you. I don't have many crafty bones in my body. Sadly.

Jamie, Happy Jamie Day! <3