Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Party Peeeectures

With the help of my historian, Jessica, I've established a nice collection of photos of the housewarming party to share with you. One minor problem: none of them are actually inside the house. Details, details. It was a gorgeous summer day. Of course we were on the back deck! Check 'em out.

My college pal Kristen came in to town for the shindig. She brought her famous cupcakes, too! (Funfetti, if you were wondering, Wishcake!)

Bri cooled off in the arms of a tree.

Andrew, wearing my apron my grandma made for me as a child, cooks up a storm with his dad on our new grill.

Ladies hanging out till dark.

Hackey sack is back, bitches!

Time for some corn!

Nom nom nom

Just hanging out by the tiki torches.

Anyone remember Thundercats?

Champagne time!


Jess B-Dubs said...

the historian only gets ONE pic??? what about the one where i carried you over the threshold? or where you're trying to do me in the butt? *sigh*

Kyla Bea said...

You're so adorable - I love that this is the same dress as is in your profile picture.

I'm looking forward to the pictures of the house that will hopefully follow the pictures of the warming lol

Andrea said...

Super cute pictures! That's a decent-sized deck too.

Anonymous said...

I'm loving all these pictures - the party sure does look like it was wonderfully successful! :)

Anonymous said...

love your pictures! it looks like you had a great party...YAY!

Heather said...

Your hair is so cute in all these pics!

Mermanda said...

Jessica, You Wish I Tried To Do You in The Butt.

Kyla Bea, My profile pic is actually from the housewarming party. It's the only time I wore that dress this summer. Sad, eh?

Andrea, Thanks! Yeah, we love the deck, but only half of it is ours. The next door neighbors haven't moved in yet. So we're hogging it for now.

SleepyJane, I wish you could have been there! Do you like to hackey sack? Wait. Does anyone? Nevermind.

Rialeilani, Thanks! It was a good time. If only our (drunk and uninvited) guests didn't decide to stay until 3 a.m.

Heather, Thanks, dear. I'm thinking about growing it out again, though. Boys like long hair. Did you know that? Boo!

Lauren said...

Funfetti cupcakes are the BEST. I want one. Now.

Also, your dress is super adorable!

Sophia said...

quadruple fisting...nice! i love the dress too! looks like fuuuun!

Anonymous said...

Hi. You're adorable. Not sure if you knew that.

sarah marie p said...

What fun! Looks like such a great night! yummm I want some corn! I love your dress btw. Super cute!

Jess B-Dubs said...

haha, stop hating on your "uninvited guests" aka my weird friends.