Wednesday, September 3, 2008

One Happy One Sad

This makes me very happy:

Thanks, Jenn, for the awesome illustration! I've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to display your mad paint skillz.

This makes me almost-actually-cry sad:

Why did he ruin himself? He could have been beautiful.

(Housewarming party pics--FOR REAL--later this afternoon.)


addy said...

I love Jenn's paint illustrations! That one is great.

sarah marie p said...

Ahhhh Scary monster Michael J! I swear, he's like some weird type of alien! That paint illustration is pretty awesome tho!

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! I'm flattered that you asked :)

Lauren said...

Ugh, why did Michael Jackson have to go crazy?!

Kerri W. said...

Greatest paint illustration I've ever seen. :) I can just feel the emotion!

And, wow. Michael would've been a dish. That is seriously sad.

Mermanda said...

Adriana, I obviously do too! I miss her workout illustrations.

Sarah Marie, Michael had so much potential.

Jenn, You rock.

Lauren, the mystery of the universe, my dear.

Wishcake, the rage is palpable. Jenn is truly an artist.