Friday, September 12, 2008

The Madness Continues! Sushi Again Stars in "For Real? Friday"

Sushi, sushi, sushi. (I swear I am not doing this to make enemies with you, Ben. I just can't turn down good material.)

IWAKO Japanese Eraser / Food / Sushi Set ($2.99)

This is something that I actually kind of want. But I just don't think I would like the person I would become if I had rubber sushi in my desk drawer.

Ok. Now I was going to write some wacky observations about this next one, but then I realized I could never come up with anything better than the actual product description on Amazon.

Japanese Fun: Realistic Tuna Sushi Phone Strap ($5.49)

When in Japan, do what the Japanese do! It is a common thing in Japan for Japanese restaurants to display their food out for potential customers to see. The food are very realistic yet they are all very fake. Well now you can do what the Japanese do as well! You can own your very own realistic food piece in the form of a phone strap! This keychain features a realistic looking piece of fatty tuna sushi! Now don''t be fooled, this piece of fatty tuna sushi is not real. It is made out of a rubber and plastic like material. Measuring up to approximately 2 inches, this piece of fatty tuna sushi is all prepared and ready to go with you anywhere. It will be able to hold your keys for you and much more! The phone strap is black and is made so you can hook and carry your piece of fatty tuna sushi anywhere! Warning: Might cause one to become hungry.

See? That was pretty good, right?

And for the finale, possibly the most useless item on Amazon:


Again, the product description is pure gold:

Fresh from the supermarket, Wind-Up Sushi! 5 pieces total make up this package of the fastest sushi on the planet!

What do you think, people? I'm thinking "Wedding Favors."


Ben said...

Whoa. Don't worry. Those don't look nearly as delicious as they should haha. I don't eat the fishy ones anyway!

Hillary said...

this: "you can hook and carry your piece of fatty tuna sushi anywhere!" made my heart happy

sarah marie p said...

That would be the most hilarious wedding favors! Do it.

I think I need some sushi now. Hey! Is this blog being used to sell sushi? are you working for a sushi company? haha

p.s. That's actually not the nightgown that got ripped. I actually have ANOTHER blue nightgown from Anthro. What's funny is that my sister initially tried on but thought it was dress and called it a "slut dress." Ha! She wanted to buy it but didn't but I ended up going back there and buying it when I realized it was a nightgown. oh man. So yes, slut dress = nightgown. haha.

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