Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Lovely one fills in for a very busy Amanda

Did you guys know I have a big huge crush on Amanda? Because I totally do. While gchatting and emailing back and forth today, she was like, "dude, I'm a big bloggy slacker" and I was like, "dude, I know but I will save you because I have a huge girl crush on you." Well now that my crush is out in the open, I suppose I should tell you who I am, right? Right! I'm Jamie from Oh! How Lovely! I currently write for 472 other blogs too and have obviously decided that is not enough so here I am. It's only a matter of time before you guys lock me out of my wordpress accounts and stage an intervention.

Anyway, let's talk about money. Or in my case, lack there of. Why is there a lack of it? Because I spend too much money! Well most of it is on things I need to pay for like tuition, school books I more than likely won't use but my instructors still make me buy and gas for my guzzling SUV that costs $80 to fill up.

Before I started paying for my own tuition, I was pretty ridiculous with money. New laptop bag is $60? Done. $450 Marc Jacobs bag? MUST HAVE NOW! Edie pup freshly groomed, spoiled rotten with new toys and stocked up on treats? Priceless. But in reality it also cost me far too much moolah.

Now that I have Responsibilities (ones that aren't as fun as shoes and handbags!) I've reigned in my spending. Right now all I really can afford is tuition and gas money. It's such a bummer for my wardrobe.

Naturally, I haven't been able to treat myself to anything lately being the brokeass that I am. Well today I am working and today I get paid. Not a whole lot, but still I get paid. I had an embarrassing amount in my checking account this morning.

Had? You noticed that, right?

Now it's even lower because I decided I needed a treat for being all responsible and shit. So I bought this headband!

Yeah, I know.

Probably not the most responsible way to reward myself for being responsible, but at least my hair will look ridiculously cute!


Lauren said...

1) I love that headband!
2) You're right. We all have huge bloggy crushes on Amanda!

Anonymous said...

I was hoping you'd catch the irony in rewarding yourself by spending money.

I hope you can sell the head band if you ever need gas money :P

Marie said...

It's sick how addicted I am to shoes and handbags. I can't stop myself! So I completely understand that when you need to get something you just get it. Lovely headband!

Ben said...

High five for being blog sluts!

Mermanda said...

I have crushes on you all too! Oh my god! I can't believe I just typed that! Does this mean we can all go to prom together?

Caz said...

Haha I TOTALLY reward myself by spending money too. It's ridiculous.

But I'll have a new post about (better) $$ news soon.

Lexilooo said...

very cute headband! and yeah, I totally reward myself for similar things too!

Anonymous said...

I'm all about rewarding myself when I do something good or responsible. It's the perfect excuse.