Friday, September 26, 2008

For Real? Friday: Lip Service Edition

I stumbled upon the first item today while researching pepper spray. Now that I kind of live in the hood and the days are getting shorter, my dad is strongly suggesting that I purchase some.

At first, I was like... um... this is kind of silly. Who walks around with a tube of lipstick in her hands? A trickier solution might be a pepper spray dispensing cell phone, no? Anyhow! I had my pepper spray confiscated from me at a Gavin DeGraw concert several years ago. Apparently his security guards found me to be a threat to Gavin's eyeballs. When they took it from my purse, I made them feel really guilty about how I would probably be attacked on the way home and have to blame the security when I can't defend myself. They promised I could get it back after the show. They lied. They lied!

PS Products Hot Lips Pepper Spray .75oz Lipstick Disguised Pepper Spray ($6.99)

Now, if I had this little baby in my purse, they would have been none the wiser. I could have gone in to that concert and sprayed anyone's peepers that I dared. (Not Gavin's of course, I heart him.)

Next we have something to make it look like you've been making out with your toilet. Who doesn't want that?! Who?

Toilet Tattoos Hot Lips Design ($9.95)

And finally, for all of my readers with nipple piercings (and I know there are A LOT of you out there...)

HOT LIPS Nipple Shield ($4.99)

A little nom nom nom on your nips. Is that weird?


Anonymous Amy said...

I can't believe Security told you that you could get your pepper spray back--they never return anything, EVER. those bastard liars!

Hillary said...

Oh god. I kind of want to pierce my nipple just so I can have that nipple shield.
Ok that's a lie. I just said it so I'd sound hardcore.

P said...

Can you get a Hot Lips nose stud cos I would soooo invest in that!

Kyla Bea said...

LOL Oh my god, a nipple shield.
That's really, wow.

That kind of made my day!

Anonymous said...

LOL you find the most amusing stuff

Kerri W. said...

Um, who would actually use pepper spray at a Gavin Degraw concert? Those security guards were ridiculous. Seriously. Like you're in there all, "Ooooh, Chaaariiioot!" and someone steps on your foot and you go all ghetto crazy, spraying them in the eyes with pepper spray and thus begins a huge riot.

All because you had a can of pepper spray in your purse to avoid getting raped on the walk back to your car. Really? Really.

Ah, well. :) I think the lipstick one is quite smart. As long as you remember it's pepper spray.

Anonymous said...

I love all of those! Does that make ME wierd?

sarah marie p said...

I'm scared of that nip shield! hahaa. That thing is wacky. I think the lipstick pepper spray could be a good idea! I'm a scaredy cat so I kinda want somee!!!

Mermanda said...

Anonymous Amy, I know! They probably pocketed it so they could defend themselves from all the crazy Gavin fan girls.

Hillary, I think you should seriously consider it.

Paula, I don't believe so... but maybe you could commission one on Etsy?

Kyla, please tell me you just ordered it!

Ria, I had a good first couple weeks... but I am afraid there isn't as much weirdness on Amazon as I suspected.

Wishcake, I actually had an incident at a Gavin concert where some pepper spray would have been clutch. It was a different show (I've seen him three times. Does that make me a huge loser?) And I stood in line for the meet and greet and I was getting absolutely trampled by all the other girls. If only I had the pepper spray...

SleepyJane, It makes you awesome. Just please don't get the toilet tattoo. Please.

Sarah Marie, I think I'm actually going to order some pepper spray... but maybe not the lipstick one.