Thursday, September 18, 2008

For Real? Friday: Can't afford an entire camisole? No problem!

Welcome to For Real? Friday. I'm interrupting your regularly scheduled sushi weirdness to bring you something sure to make you scratch your head in disbelief.

Cami Lace (now on sale for $2.95)

I know the economy is really struggling right now... but... um... you can get an entire camisole at H&M or Forever 21 for like... $5. Maybe less if you are lucky.

I can't even imagine a scenario where this thing would be a good idea.

"Oh, geeze. It's kind of hot in the conference room... I can't bear the thought of wearing one of those prudish camisoles that cover my entire torso. Good thing I have this little baby! Better go tie it on to my bra real quick! Meeting with the CEO in an hour!"

Oh, wait. I guess I can.

Hey. Did you read Andrew's blogging debut yet? It's only mildly offensive.


sarah marie p said...

That is too hilarious! It reminds me of dickies from the 1950s! One time I actually made myself one because I had a shirt that had the cutest print ever but it was WAY too tight so I cut off just the couple and the shape of that fake cami to put under sweaters! haha.

Jamie Lovely said...

hahahaha wooow.

I already bought you three for Christmas.

Hillary said...

my mom used to make me wear a dickie - a turtleneck dickie so that my neck wouldn't get cold

I haven't forgiven her yet

Anonymous said...

hahahaaaaa I <3 that.

is it a little sad that I might buy some.

stacey and clinton from what not to wear would kill me.

Pretty Unfamous said...

I have a lace bra that is kind of like that. It's just a regular bra, but the top comes straight across like a bandeau, so you can wear it under low-cut tops. I would actually probably buy one of those bra lace things. I think I would wear it.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is the cheapest doily on a string I have ever seen. Kudo's to that chick. lol

Kyla Bea said...

LOL Wow, soon you will only need to wear a 5" strip of "Work clothes" and a trench coat. They're really doing good work here!

jessica maria said...

hey! here on jamie's recommend, obvs, and this is hilarious. wow.

i mean, as this is my first visit, and this was the first picture i saw, i was like, "oh hey, this girl posts pictures of her boobs and weird bibs..." but yes, then I decided to READ. hahaha

my google reader, ur in it. ;)

P said...

Love it!

The post, not the camisole idea.


Cos THAT sucks...

Anonymous said...

That looks weird. Like she has a HUGE butterfly on her chest.