Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Blogging about it makes it legal

I've changed my blogger name to Mermanda to match the Twitter moniker. Amanda is just too common of a name... I probably know about 349 Amandas IRL and have come across several bloggers who share my namesake (some chick on an old soap opera, according to my mom.) So now when you see "Mermanda" left you a comment... you can be sure it was me.

For those of you wondering the same thing as my friend Greg, "Does this mean you are a male fish?" No. It doesn't. I mean... do merpeople even have genitalia? Where would it even go?

I asked Greg, who is infinitely smarter than me, this question.

His answer:
"It's probably hidden under a gill flap or something. All I know is that King Triton didn't wear a shell bikini."

Too true, Greg. Too true.

Anyhow! I guess I should go get a new driver's license. Because blogging about my name change totally makes it legal. Right?


Rachel said...

Well that's one childhood movie forever tainted for me now....

Jamie Lovely said...

So I guess when people talk to you know they have to call you Mermanda?

I mean if you going to do it, go all the way!

Ben said...

Yay! Less confusion is good confusion!

Now I need to get the Ashleys to divvy up nicknames.

sarah marie p said...

That merman is FIERCE! Yeah instead of "Sarah" I wish I had a more original name. Boo. You just inspired me to change my profile to "sarah marie p" instead of "sarah marie" to match my twitter/blog addy. We gotta stand out, yo!

Kyla Bea said...

lol I completely enjoy this - I have been trying to grow what I deem "Mermaid" hair for a number of years and just got there.

Mermaid length = just grazing the boob.

I'm raising the bar for your comments, I know.

Sorry. ; )

Anonymous said...

I always wondered how mermaids/men procreate. (OK, not really.)

Anonymous said...

I know this is weird, but they totally talked about Mer-sex on an episode of Scrubs and it happened to be on last night...see, even Zach Braff condones the name change!