Tuesday, September 16, 2008

And more red!

Yes, we've established I'm in the throes of a little spending outburst. This isn't turning into a shoe blog, though I can understand your doubts. But I do have to blog about shoes again today. I'm sorry. (I know how much you all hate shoes.)

I'm going to pose a question now--brace yourselves. Have you ever owned shoes that were perfect for you? Perfect fit. Made you feel unbelievably sexy? Turned any outfit into a memorable fashion statement?

These are my perfect shoes. My Nine West (remember that, it will be important later) red patent leather peep toe flats. My darlings that I purchased at Filene's basement more than a year ago for less than $30 if my memory serves me right.

Imagine my horror when I realized my daily commute is taking a toll on my favorite shoes in the world. The patent leather is being slowly chewed up by the gravel trail I must walk daily.

Cry with me.


Don't cry. It's going to be okay. I made a resolution to replace these shoes before it becomes impossible to find another pair just like them. (I know these shoes don't look THAT bad... but I don't see them lasting more than another year...)

After a variety of search terms including "red," "patent leather," "peep toe," and "flats" I arrived at Bluefly.com. Scratching my head at why my shoes have another man's name on them, Stuart Weitzman, I ask, where are my affordably priced Nine West shoesies? Apparently, Nine West never actually made these shoes. Though "Nine West" is stamped on the sole, I'm beginning to think these shoes are the result of Stuart Weitzman overstock being sold to Nine West for distribution to bargain designer outlets, such as Filene's Basement. Ok, so I'm a fashion detective. Whatever. Just give the damn shoes.

Ahh. That's better.

Has anyone else searched high and low to replace a piece of your wardrobe that you can't imagine living without?


Hillary said...

My Nine West Luvvys which, sure, are available through Zappos - I'm just unwilling to pay for the stupid shipping to Canada fees (I'm about 98% sure that I'll be willing to pay the shipping fee right around the time that the luvvys are no longer available on Zappos.)

Lauren said...

Oh i love those! I had black flats that were so comfortable. Although they didn't make me feel glamorous, i loved them. Sadly, I also lost them. I just replaced them with new black flats. They're far from the same, but still cute. So i'm surviving. One pair of shoes less.

addy said...

There were two things I still mourn over - a type of Pac Sun jeans that fit perfectly, were cheap, and made my ass look out of this world (I still have two worn down pair that I wear for my bf every once in a while), and my favorite comfy work shoe from Easy Spirit. Both were discontinued with no notice and I am still sad.

Great shoes though!

Anonymous said...

i had the BEST pair of Mossimo red label jeans i got at target for like twenty five bucks when i was in college and they made my ass look outta this world. i still mourn them. i looked on ebay for months when they got worn out. to no avail -- *sniff* but now i wear silvers, which are three times the price but still have the ass-outta-this-world thing. as do levi 515's, which are only like 40 bucks. there is NOTHING like a good pair of jeans. or shoes. hmm. i'm torn. :)

sarah marie p said...

Those shoes are the cutest, sexiest thangs ever! Love em! Dangit, why can't they be $30 so I can copy you?! WHHYYYY?! Feel free to post all your new shoe purchases! Love it.

Anonymous said...

love those shoes!!!

Kyla Bea said...

Those are completely perfect for you - you've hit it on the head!

I have a pair of brown leather boots that are 4 years old, that I baby for this exact reason. They are constantly being moisturized & weatherproofed....and when the soles start to wear out I will consider having them re-soled.

I'm that sick. I can't let go.

Sophia said...

oh wow...didn't know that kind of thing went on! good work though, totally worth it. VERY cute shoes. I feel like they are giving us a subliminal glimpse into your personality!

Anonymous said...

I had a pair of Reef flip flops that I had for almost 2 years and they hadn't been worn down at all! Then my friends puppy chewed it up. I'm still looking for them in all the stores I go to.

Andrea said...

Those super cute. I'm not a heels person, so I could definitely rock those.

Angela said...

I love them