Friday, August 1, 2008

Jumping on the Someecards Meme Bandwagon

I have adored for quite a while now. Like a good blogger, I did my research. I looked at someecards until my eyes bled... just to find the best possible combination for my meme. I now present to you, the five someecards that remind me most of myself.

I once had a crush on a coworker I had never met based solely on his shared iTunes. This does not surprise me. I also have cruised for guys on MySpace judging them purely on their musical tastes. (Minus eleventy million points for those people who "listen to everything"--you tasteless bastards.)

Is it sad that I'd be "lucky" to get a 3 percent raise?

And on a related note...

I'm not bitter, actually. I just would really like my $75 back from the Clintons. (So if you're reading this, Hillary, e-mail me for my address. I have bills to pay, yo.)

'Nuff said.

I love it when people google me. But have you ever tried to casually mention to someone that you recently googled them? Is there a way to say this without setting off their stalker/serial murderer alert?

When perfectly mobile people sitting in the front of the bus watch a little old lady or extremely pregnant woman stumble on to the bus and no one offers up his or her seat... I get PISSED. (I always give up my seat. Always.)


Pretty Unfamous said...

Hahaha.... what DOES happen to all that donated money to candidates that don't make it?!

Anonymous said...

"Minus eleventy million points for those people who "listen to everything"--you tasteless bastards"

Kudos! lol I love that and I feel the same way!!!

Johnny said...

I just googled you...found some pretty interesting stuff, let me tell you...hmm

Mermanda said...

Angela, I think it goes towards buying more yellow business suits. At least that's what I heard.

SleepyJane, Rock on. I also equally hate the response, "I listen to everything except Rap and Country." Do these people realize how many more genres there are than rap, country, and rock? Sigh.

Larry, I knew I could count on you, buddy!

Anonymous said...

I love the Google one :)