Friday, August 15, 2008

I still got it

Walking back to my office after my perfectly wonderful lunch date with Andrew, I found myself walking towards a Patrick Dempsey wannabe. The sidewalk gets very narrow and overgrown with weeds at this point in my journey, and he steps aside to let me pass.

"Ladies, first," he says with a big smile.

I politely return the smile, avoiding eye-contact, as I make my way closer to my office.

"Hey, are you a student here.... or do you work here...?" he asks desperately.

Already fifteen minutes late, I glance at my watch and say exasperatedly, "Um... I work here." Cutting him off from his next question, I quickly say, "Hey, I'm sorry. I'm running late. I have to go."

As I make my getaway, he shouts, "Hey! Maybe I could call you sometime? We could get some dinner?"


I'm astonished because I really have not been hit on in ages and honestly rendered speechless.

"Or do you have a boyfriend, maybe?"

"Yes! Boyfriend. I have a boyfriend," I said quickly as I walked away. As I turned the corner, I realize my colleague has possibly overheard the entire exchange. She smiles at me. I take off my sunglasses (Ray-Bans, for all you haters out there). I give a sheepish grin--and say, "I was just hit on. It was totally weird. I am never hit on. I am really good at putting that "I'm-taken-vibe" out there."

"That just means you still got it," she said with a smirk.

"Yeah! I still got it," I said, running my fingers through my hair.


Jamie Lovely said...

hahaha love it!

Lauren said...


Well done!

Pretty Unfamous said...

Wow! That IS getting hit on! It's pretty rare that people get randomly hit on, and even asked out, by people on the sidewalk. Cool!

Anonymous said...

i'm always super confused when i get hit on. i guess i've got that 'i'm taken' vibe too. last time i was single it was like a switch flipped. so weird!

addy said...

Awesome! And that photo of PD thay you posted? Made my day.

Anonymous said...

LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

That rocks. Although I wish you weren't so virtuous so I could have read about the hour later you were after the lunchtime affair you had with the Dempsey clone! :D

Mermanda said...

Jamie, :)

Lauren, I didn't do anything!

Angela, yes. Considering he saw me for about 2 seconds before he made his move, I'd say he would have asked just about anyone to accompany him.

Sarah, I know. There is definitely a switch that gets flipped. It's the "I'm kind of friendly but please don't talk to me" switch.

Addy, glad to help!

Morgan, a little ego boost never hurt anyone.

Dwight, I don't think Andrew will approve of that comment.

Anonymous said...

Haha!! I totally do that "I'm taken" vibe too!! :) And YAY. I think it's awesome, and it's such a great compliment!

Laura said...

hahaha, hilarious story...
& GREAT picture.