Thursday, August 21, 2008

Housewarming Party

Mine is in two days. I have done NOTHING to prepare for it... with the exception of mopping the upstairs... which most likely no one will pay attention to anyhow.

Tonight I will clean the downstairs and start phase one of party grocery shopping. I'm baking 7-layer magic cookie bars (which I've never done before) and making strawberry jello pretzel salad. Aside from some snacky type stuff, everything else will be either grilled by my merman, or brought by our guests.

I need your suggestions, people. What does one do to prepare one's home for a housewarming party? Aside from making sure there is enough places for people to sit and schmooze, and making a killer playlist... what now? I'm starting to stress. Even if you have never had a housewarming party you can still help a girl out. I've never thrown a party with a guest list longer than 10 people. Ever.

Your advice is kindly sought and lovingly received.



Anonymous said...

unfortunately i have no tips for you. this is actually a request for a detailed report since i will likely be having my first housewarming in about a month. (or however long it takes me to buy furniture :)

good luck!

Lauren said...

what, might i ask, is strawberry pretzel jello salad?!

For house parties, i usually have snack foods (chips, carrots, cheese, pretzels), deserts (cupcakes), and drinks (alcoholic and non alcoholic).

I'm sure yours will be just fine!

Anonymous said...

If it were me, I'd make sure I had no bras lying around. I tend to do that.

Mermanda said...

Sarah, a detailed report will be faxed to you immediately following my smashing party.

Lauren, It's some weird mish mash of strawberry Jello, frozen strawberries, cream cheese, smashed pretzels, and um... maybe some whipped cream or something. You make it in a cake pan, I think. I haven't made it in a few years. Crap. I just realized there might not be room in my fridge for the Jello to congeal. Just another reason to hate Jello.

Jenn, as long as I'm not doing a load of laundry between now and then, I think I can handle that one! :)

addy said...

:-) I'm having my first housewarming party a week from Sunday, so I feel your stress. I would just make sure the toilet is clean, there are snacky things aplenty, and music! It's low key when you have people over to see your place, because your place is the main event. So relax, enjoy, and let me know how it goes so I stop stressing!

Mermanda said...

Addy, I've never made a very good guinea pig... but I'll give it my best for ya!

sarah marie p said...

WHOA 7-layer-magic cookie bars? You must share the recipe and post pictures! And I'm also intrigued by that strawberry pretzel jello salad! As long as you have yummy food and drinks and music and a clean house -- I think you'll be set! Take lots of pictures! And have fun!

Andrea said...

I LOVE jello pretzel salad. I haven't had it in so long... now I'm sorta craving it!

From what I know about housewarming parties, schmoozing is the main activity. I would keep some board games and decks of cards on hand, but that's just how I get through life anyways (hah, yeah). I'm sure it will go great.

Anonymous said...

Make sure you have enough glasses. :) And enough ice. Ice is important.

I'm sure it'll be great!!

Mermanda said...

Andrea, Thanks! I definitely have plenty of that kind of stuff. I am a hardcore gamer.

SleepyJane, Ice IS important. I think that is one of Andrew's errands for tomorrow morning. We need to borrow some coolers though! I gotta remember that...

firstday said...

Strawberry pretzel dessert is my favorite!


Sophia said...

honestly, i'm all about the playlist. for my last party I carefully orchestrated four CDs worth of songs in a particular order that is most conducive to dancing. It would've worked had the neighbors not complained about the noise...but everyone was talking too loudly to hear the music anyway! oh yeah, it was a wine and cheese party, so I think the abundance of wine had something to do with people having fun :P

Ash said...

Um... Its so hard to think of these sorts of things! I just usually go with the flow.

Some ideas..

- Make sure you keep many cups and plates in easy to reach places.

- Dont forget recycling bins/rubbish bins. If you put them around at the party it means less cleaning up the next morning.

- Packs of cards are great (if it is going to be a drinking party)

- Make sure the playlist is awesome!

- Dont forget paper towels if you are having cooked food. There is nothing worse than people using tea-towels or even bath towels to wipe face and hands on

- Clean the house

- Remove pets (if you have any)

- look up some drinking games (if it is a drinking party)people like to chat first, but the drunker they get the more they want to party.

- the most important one for last.... Dont forget the camera!!