Thursday, August 14, 2008

Floating away on eigth notes

I heard Kate Nash's "Merry Happy" on Sarah Said yesterday. First, I have to say, Sarah Marie has some great taste in music. It's true that we love a lot of the same artists--including Bob Dylan, Ben Kweller, and Mason Jennings. But what I'm really digging about her blog playlist is that I'm hearing some talented artists on her blog that I've never heard of or listened to before. (Side note: I usually HATE when people play music on their blogs--especially if it interferes with whatever I'm already listening to.) This is the kind of music that makes me wonder why I haven't purchased a CD since Christmas. It's time to get back out there and start adding to my collection again!

While running errands with Andrew yesterday, I spotted the KN album "Made of Bricks" on sale for $9.99 at Best Buy. I took that as a sign that it should be mine. I've listened to it literally all day.

(Side note: I really hate the fourth track, "D***head." The lyrics: "Why are you being a dick head for? Stop being a dick head. Why are you being a dick head for? You're just f-ing up situations." Um, yeah. Not exactly poetry.)

I just popped back over to Sarah Marie's site to see what else she had to show me, and ta da! The Pipettes! Genius. Going to add that to my list of music to check out at the library soon.

The list? You want to see the list?

Kelley Stoltz
Matt Costa
Jason Collet
The Lovely Sparrows
The Gentle Waves
La Rocca

I stumbled upon all of the above through Pandora when listening to a station based upon the music of Tilly and the Wall. Good stuff. Good stuff. Do any of you have anything to add to my list? Does anyone love/hate anyone already on the list? Speak up!


Lauren said...

The Pipettes are so much fun! If you like high energy poppy girl music like theirs, check out Girls Aloud. EQUALLY AS CHEESY AND FUN! Or, the newer band, The Ting Tings. They recently had a song on an ipod commercial and seriously, i haven't stopped listening to that song ("Shut up and let me go").

Anonymous said...

I don't know any of these artists. :( But I will check them out!

Becky said...

I love Kate Nash! I heard her in concert when I was in London last summer. My favorite song is "Foundations". I sing along and even rock out her British accent.

sarah marie p said...

Heeyy!! And thanks for this linky love too!!! You're so sweet! I'm glad you like my playlist! :) And don't mind that I'm forcing ppl to listen! hahahah. Yes, the entire kate nash album IS so good! I'm glad you agree! She's so cute too! Love her. Shoot, if you like Bob Dylan, Ben Kweller and Mason Jennings that basically means you're the coolest ever!

Karen said...

amanda! gentle waves! yes! "falling from grace" is one of the few songs i can play on guitar AND sing.