Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Big One-Oh-Oh is coming!

Um. My next post will be my 100th post. How did this happen? One minute I was trying to forget I had a blog, and the next thing you know I'm inspired by a fabulously hilarious blogger (J-Money) to give it another go. Well, look at me now. I still have a lot of growing to do, but I feel like I found my own place in this nurturing community. I've met some truly amazing people in the blogosphere--thanks to the 20 Something Bloggers group. (Shout out!)

To mark this occasion, I've done a little housekeeping around the blog. You may have already noticed the new profile pic--in which I'm channeling the spirit of Mandy Moore. (No, she's not dead. Don't freak out.) I just really like her. But, I mean, who doesn't? She's adorable. And I'm going to keep bringing pictures of her to my salon. I don't care who says it's creepy. (No one cares what you think, Jessica. Shut the hell up.)

Anyhow, taking a cue from Sarah Marie, I also added a playlist on the right sidebar. I have included some of my favorite artists--including a few surprises. If you are in the market for new tunes to adore, please browse my playlist. I mean it! I devoted a nice chunk of time to picking out these 70 or so songs for you all to dig on.

Finally, I'm going to be contacting some designers in the near future to give this blog an Extreme Makeover. I'm envisioning an aquatic theme. Other suggestions are welcome.


Anonymous said...

Jess at Delicious Design Studio! I swear I whore her work out like crazy but I'm on my third design by her and she is fantastic!

Ben said...


(you get the ending when it's actually your 100 post)

A quick little redesign whether paid (I used Jess too), or just your own tinkering is a great way to refresh your motivation. Keep blogging and being awesome.

Don't we all love J-money?

addy said...

Love it! Congrats on 100 posts. Trouble by Ray LaMontagne is one of my all time favorite songs. And I love Breakfast at Tiffany's too! I'll be checking out the songs I don't know soon...

Anonymous said...

Cuuuuuuute hair in that picture!! I don't judge about the salon picture/wanting to channel a certain celeb thing... I do it all the time!

Congratulations on almost making it to 100! That was fast!! Exclamation mark overload!!!!!!!!!!!!

OH, aaaand, I have to agree with miss Jamie about Delicious Design Studio. She's designed some very adorable things!

sarah marie p said...

Yay! Congrats on almost reaching your 100th post! Dangit- I'm sad, I wasn't paying attention and missed out on celebrating my 100th post! Love the new profile pic! So cute! Your new haircut is adorable! And yes I do love Mandy Moore too! Aww, thanks for the link love! I'm LOVIN your playlist so far!! Yay for Decemberists!!! Woo! So good. The long john silvers pic is too funny! Hee.

Anonymous said...


i think mermaids (and men) would only be right.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your (almost) 100th post!! :)

Krista said...

You're stylin' in the pirate garb, kiddo.

Can't wait to see the new look!

ÄsK AliCë said...

You are adorable!

I think I'm going to badger my sister into designing a background for me. Either that or I may have to check out this Jess!

And yay for (almost) 100 posts!

Anonymous said...

You're cute. Just thought I'd let you know that.

As for a design, DDS does do pretty good work and her prices are decent. Keep her in mind.

Lauren said...

I redesign my blog weekly it feels. I'm a bit ridiculous about it. I want things just right!

Anyway, good luck on your redesigning adventure!