Monday, August 4, 2008

The big birthday gift reveal--And learn Boyfriend's true identity

Not long ago I was about to burst from keeping Boyfriend's birthday present a secret. Well, his birthday is tomorrow, and in a predictable fashion, I crumbled under the pressure and already gave him his gifts. This is good news for you, because now I can show you all what I've been dying to talk about for months.

A good friend of mine recently received portraits of herself and her boyfriend as a gift from her talented artist pal Rebecca Doss. I fell completely head over heels for the paintings, and decided to commission my very first artwork.

You might have guessed by the Merpanda ordeal, that I am fond of the sea people. Well, long before I was Merpanda, I was Mermanda. As in ... Amanda the mermaid... get it? Cute, no?

Boyfriend's name is Andrew. (Gasp! His identity is revealed!) And if you are following along at home, you may refer to us as our celeb couple name, Amandrew.

Stop me if this is getting confusing... Andrew's alter-ego is Mermandrew. Ok?

So, what is the point, you might ask yourself. With this sea-love-theme in my mind, I requested that Rebecca painted me in all my flopper-glory. I originally envisioned Andrew would also be portrayed as a mer-person. But, Rebecca approached me with the awesome idea of painting Andrew as a fisherman--about to reel me in to his boat. She requested many photos of us to make the paintings as true to life as possible.

I think she did a great job. And Andrew? He says its the best birthday gift he's ever received. Crap. How am I supposed to beat that next year?

Want to be immortalized too? You can contact Rebecca on her Web site, for a quote. And I highly recommend that you do just that.


Anonymous said...

those are amazing! what a fantastic cute that he's reeling you in.

Unknown said...

Those are really neat! Jolly good job, Manda! However, when I found out he got the "best gift ever" I initially thought it was the garden Weasel. Everyone always forgets that with it you cultivate, loosen, aerate, AND weed! But these paintings rank right up there! Hee hee. Teasing. Those really rock.

Anonymous said...

what a great idea!!!! yeah you are going to have a tough time thinking of something next year :)

Lauren said...

Oh wow, that's such a neat idea! And the paintings are fantastic!!

Pretty Unfamous said...

What a cool gift! You're so thoughtful.

Anonymous said...

OMG those are so cool! Wow, she has a wonderful talent!!! :) And it's a great gift!

Jamie Lovely said...

This is SO awesome. I love it!

Mermanda said...

Sarah, Thanks! I'm just glad the hook didn't pierce my lip. Ow.

Dwight, Thank you kind sir. I'll keep the weasel in mind for Christmas.

Rialeilani, Nope! Garden Weasel. Dwight solved all my problems.

Lauren, thanks! I wish you could see them in person. The colors are just amazing.

Angela, Aw. Thanks, lady!

SleepyJane, I hope you looked at her portfolio. Awesome stuff.

Jamie, thanks... Rebecca is a Chicago lady like yourself!

Becky said...

The paintings are incredible. What a great idea for a present!