Wednesday, August 6, 2008

And now another way to waste my time

Boyfriend got a wii from his dear parents for his birthday. I (teasingly) told him that I definitely won't break up with him now.

His mom's reply? "Why do you think I got it for him!" Aw, she's cute.

(EDIT: Did I mention his parents have a strict no-return policy on Andrew? That's OK. I think I'll keep him.)

Anyhow, I know a lot of my blogger buddies have wiis of their own. Send me an e-mail if you want to trade console numbers so we can throw bananas and shells at each other.

That's all for today, kids. Keep moving along.


Jamie Lovely said...

I just won a wii! I'm waiting to get it :)

Mermanda said...

How fun! You'll have to send me your console number when it arrives!

Jayvee said...

congrats on the wii. I love mine!! Just got a wii fit too -- so much fun.

FB @ said...

LOL! That is SO CUTE

The Wii is horribly addictive. I had to sell it.