Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The cursed babyface

Between meetings and writing press releases, I have to scurry across campus to be a model for the afternoon. For the second time in my career, I'm being taken advantage of for looking so young. I'm posing as a student for the cover of one of the university's publications. Woot woot. You might wonder, "Why can't they just find a real student for this?" Simple. There are no students to be found in early August. Even the summer sessions are long over.

I'm told I should be flattered, and one day I'll be thankful to look so young. Sigh.

Boyfriend says, "I guess you chopped your hair off for nothing." Thanks, babe. :)

[I decided to take down the 2006 Flashback in the interest of keeping certain people from finding my blog. If you want to read the last two installments, send me an e-mail.)


Karen said...

oh, and you met ME. duh.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. :) I like the way you write, it's like everything flows together.

I know. But it's hard to explain. :)