Friday, August 29, 2008

PILOT FEATURE! 100th Post!

Woop! Woop! Thanks for all the early congrats. I wasn't sure what I would post about today... until I was doing some online shopping last night. Has anyone noticed all the totally weird crap that is being sold on Amazon? I guess it only makes sense. A store that sells virtually everything you can imagine is bound to freak my shit out once in a while.

Today, I share with you my finds. If you all enjoy this, I'm thinking about making it a regular Friday feature. Please vote on my poll to help me figure out what to call this mind blowingly strange collection of Internet goods.

On with the show!

Today's theme is slippers. Enjoy!

Slipper Genie Microfiber Cleaning Slippers ($6.00)
As seen in "O" Magazine! Oprah, what the hell are you doing? Really? I get it. You put these on and clean your floor while going about your business. But, this is just a bad idea. Who is going to rush me to the E.R. when I slip on the waxed hard wood floors and bust my face open? Are you going to, Oprah? You sure as hell better--or call Stedman and Gayle and see what they're up to because those slippers look DANGEROUS. After all, they don't call them SLIPpers for nothin'!

Toy Vault Rabbit with Big Pointy Teeth Slippers ($27.45)
I know a lot of you are big Monty Python fans, so I'll go easy on this one. I guess I just don't understand where you put your foot. Also, can you imagine going out to get your mail in these? Watch out for the mini dachshund poop!

Set Of 10 The Wizard Of Oz Glittery Ruby Slipper Christmas Lights ($19.99)
These made me stop for a minute to ask myself, are these totally cool? Or just completely weird? While they might look cool wrapped around a house plant or scarecrow (get it?), I just don't get how the Wizard of Oz is "Christmasy."

Send me your totally weird Internet goods to be featured on Fridays in the future.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Big One-Oh-Oh is coming!

Um. My next post will be my 100th post. How did this happen? One minute I was trying to forget I had a blog, and the next thing you know I'm inspired by a fabulously hilarious blogger (J-Money) to give it another go. Well, look at me now. I still have a lot of growing to do, but I feel like I found my own place in this nurturing community. I've met some truly amazing people in the blogosphere--thanks to the 20 Something Bloggers group. (Shout out!)

To mark this occasion, I've done a little housekeeping around the blog. You may have already noticed the new profile pic--in which I'm channeling the spirit of Mandy Moore. (No, she's not dead. Don't freak out.) I just really like her. But, I mean, who doesn't? She's adorable. And I'm going to keep bringing pictures of her to my salon. I don't care who says it's creepy. (No one cares what you think, Jessica. Shut the hell up.)

Anyhow, taking a cue from Sarah Marie, I also added a playlist on the right sidebar. I have included some of my favorite artists--including a few surprises. If you are in the market for new tunes to adore, please browse my playlist. I mean it! I devoted a nice chunk of time to picking out these 70 or so songs for you all to dig on.

Finally, I'm going to be contacting some designers in the near future to give this blog an Extreme Makeover. I'm envisioning an aquatic theme. Other suggestions are welcome.

I should start bringing lolcats to the hospital cafeteria with me...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I has an angry

Though I look forward to my volunteer days at the hospital, I am usually completely worn out by the time 5:00 rolls around at work. Once a week, at the end of the workday, I have to give myself a mini pep talk and walk briskly to the hospital. If I'm running late, I hop on a bus in order to have enough time for a quick free volunteer dinner in the cafeteria before reporting to my assignment.

Hospital cafeteria food. Don't those three words just get your taste buds watering? For the first few months, I made do with cheese pizza that had been sitting under a heat lamp for God knows how long. The cheese had morphed into a plastic greasy layer of ickiness. The crust cut the roof of my mouth.

As the pizza began to wear down my esophagus and spirit, I decided to give the veggie burgers a try. To my surprise, my first experience with the veggie burger was pretty good. I was excited to know there was life after pizza.

The next week, I ordered the veggie burger and was told, "There aren't any."

The week after that, I begged for a veggie burger, unable to go back to the pizza. I had to wait for the frozen patty to thaw on the grill, but I had enough time to spare. I brought the cooked burger up to the volunteer office and quickly began to devour it. Are veggie burgers supposed to be crunchy? I didn't think so. Sigh.

For the next few weeks, I experimented with what the cafeteria had to offer. Turkey burgers, chicken fingers, etc. Everything was just "blah." And even if I wanted to go back to the old pizza habit, I couldn't. Pizza was off the menu.

Fast forward to three weeks ago. New menu! Flat bread pizzas made to order! Fresh! Any toppings I desired. Free with my volunteer meal voucher. Yes! Thank you! There is a God!

I stepped up to the counter and excitedly ordered the pizza--requesting mushrooms and pepperoni.

"That will be five minutes," said the teen cook.

I glanced at my watch. "Ok. That's fine," I said. It was 5:30. I would have just enough time to take my pizza upstairs, eat it at a leisurely pace, and report to my assignment by 6.

The cook walked to the back of the kitchen to fetch a piece flat bread. He returned two minutes later with the bread and sloooooooowly smeared tomato sauce across it. Admiring his work, he brought out the cheese from beneath the counter. He sprinkled, sprinkled, sprinkled. Stopped, surveyed the scene. Sprinkled. Stopped. Sprinkled. Stopped. When he seemed pleased with the even distribution of the cheese, he got out the mushrooms and pepperoni. ONE AT A TIME, he applied the pepperonis (not a word, by the way). When about ten pepperoni pieces were resting a top the pizza, he began delicately rearranging them, as though he were an artist of processed meats. I could almost read his mind, "Oh, no. That pepperoni would look much better Over There. Hmm... nope. I was wrong. I think it should go back Over Here."

Lord help me, it was time for the mushrooms. Just as slowly, he arranged the fungus in a way that was aesthetically pleasing to him. Meanwhile, I'm having a coronary because it has been ten minutes and the pizza isn't even in the oven yet. I tapped my foot impatiently, checking my watch again. Finally, he puts the pizza in the very slowly moving conveyor belt pizza oven. I watched it creep approximately one tenth of a millimeter in the next five minutes.

A supervisor sees me standing at the counter and asks if I'm taken care of.

"I'm just waiting for my pizza," I said with a huff.

He went to check on it. "It should just be five more minutes," he said.

"Oh, really?" I said with a frown. "I WAS TOLD IT WOULD BE FIVE MINUTES FIFTEEN MINUTES AGO!" I snapped.

The manager told me the pizza would be half-priced. Wahoo. When the pizza was finally done, I had to wolf it down in order to make it to my assignment on time. This entailed eating boiling hot cheese--burning the skin off the roof of my mouth in the process. But you know what? That pizza was damn good.

So... the next week rolls around and I order the pizza again. Same freaking slow teenager working the counter. I order the pizza... knowing I would soon regret it.

Maybe it is because I worked in two pizza shops in my lifetime and know that you have to CRANK THOSE BABIES OUT FAST if you don't want to lose your mind and get ten orders behind causing you to hyperventilate and apologize to the customers who call five times asking where their pizza is that they ordered an hour ago.

Yes, he took forever to make the damn thing. He even forgot to cut the pizza. But it was not rubbery, greasy, gross cafeteria food, so I dealt with it.

(I swear I'm getting to the point here.) This week I thought I could beat the system. Upon entering the hospital, instead of going to my locker, punching in, and changing my clothes, I went straight to the cafeteria to order my pizza. The teenager was no where in sight. I felt lucky.

When it was my turn to order, I said, "I'll take one pizza with mushrooms and pepperoni. I have to run upstairs, but I'll be back for my pizza."

I ran upstairs to get myself ready for volunteering. I went back to the cafeteria, smiling to myself at how smart I was. I approached the counter, expecting my pizza to be boxed and promptly handed to me upon my arrival. Ha! So naive! So foolish! The pizza was sitting on the counter, naked. My eyes probably bulged out of their sockets. I was in disbelief. My plan was thwarted. Worst of all, it had been ten minutes since I ordered and it still wasn't in the oven.

"You said pepperoni and mushrooms, right?"


The cook, in a familiar fashion, applied the topping ever so gently. Unable to watch the spectacle before me, I excused myself to use the bathroom. When I am back, that pizza better be just about out of the oven, I threatened silently.

I returned from the bathroom ABSOLUTELY UNABLE TO PROCESS THE FACT THAT THE PIZZA STILL SAT UNCOOKED ON THE COUNTER. It had been close to twenty minutes since I ordered it. I watched the cook placing the last toppings on the pizza and said, "You know what? I don't think I have time to wait for this pizza after all."

"Oh? Well, that's okay. I have to make a few more anyhow, so I can just use this one for the next order."

Annoyed at how happy he sounded with my decision to abandon my pizza, I asked, "Well, how much longer do you think it will take?"

"8 minutes."


I said, "Forget it."

I walked to the nearest counter, grabbed the first thing I saw, which happened to be a turkey wrap. It was room temperature--like it had been sitting out for possibly the entire day. I quickly ate it and hurried to my assignment. Completely pissed off.

Well guess what, folks? I'm pretty damn sure that warm turkey wrap gave me food poisoning. A HOSPITAL cafeteria got me sick. I had to leave work early yesterday as I choked back my need to vomit. Puking in public places? No thank you.

I blame this on The Slowest Cafeteria Cooks In The History Of The World.

(I'll probably order the pizza again next week.)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Um... thanks for the housewarming gift?

Sunday morning, leaving our house for brunch, what do you think I had to cover my eyes and jump over to get to the car?

A. A severed mouse head
B. Mouse guts--surrounded by swarming flies
C. All of the above

If you answered C, you're right! Thanks for playing.

Thanks for the housewarming gift, whoever/whatever you are. :gag:

Party recap and dessert recipes/photos to come! Thanks for all of your suggestions, lovelies!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Housewarming Party

Mine is in two days. I have done NOTHING to prepare for it... with the exception of mopping the upstairs... which most likely no one will pay attention to anyhow.

Tonight I will clean the downstairs and start phase one of party grocery shopping. I'm baking 7-layer magic cookie bars (which I've never done before) and making strawberry jello pretzel salad. Aside from some snacky type stuff, everything else will be either grilled by my merman, or brought by our guests.

I need your suggestions, people. What does one do to prepare one's home for a housewarming party? Aside from making sure there is enough places for people to sit and schmooze, and making a killer playlist... what now? I'm starting to stress. Even if you have never had a housewarming party you can still help a girl out. I've never thrown a party with a guest list longer than 10 people. Ever.

Your advice is kindly sought and lovingly received.


A Post-It note to myself:

On a Post-It on my desk:

"email" underlined several times

Thanks, Amanda. Your notes are so helpful. Any ideas what I was talking about? It was obviously important enough to stop what I was doing to jot it down. Sigh.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

One last meme before I go crazy

A. Attached or Single?

B. Best Friend?
The man I will marry

C. Cake or pie?
Pumpkin Pie. My birthday sometimes falls on Thanksgiving. It's magical.

D. Day of choice?

E. Essential item?
Bus pass

F. Favorite color?
I've never been good at this. I'll pick green.

G. Gummy bears or worms?

H. Hometown?
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I. Favorite indulgence?

J. January or July?
July. I hate being cold.

K. Kids?
One day.

L. Life isn’t complete without?

M. Marriage date?
Ask Andrew!

N. Number of brothers and sisters?
One. Sister.

O. Oranges or Apples?
I'm more of a Banana kind of girl.

P. Phobias?
I hate flying... but I do it when necessary.

Q. Quotes?
To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all."
-Oscar Wilde

R. Reasons to smile?
I'm blessed.

S. Season of choice?
As a child, I would say Fall... but the warm months really have a hold of me these days.

T. Tag 5 people:
I am sorry meme, but I just can't. I've tagged enough for one day.

U. Unknown fact about me?
I won a hoola hoop contest in high school.

V. Vegetable?

W. Worst habit?

X. X-ray or Ultrasound?
This is getting boring.

Y. Your favorite food?

Z. Zodiac sign?


A week ago, the lovely Laura from Quirkology bestowed this handsome award upon me. I thank her for her kindness and for her constant voyage into all that is quirky. I especially adore her love for all things owlish.

The rules of the award:
1. The winner can put the logo on his/her blog.
2. Link to the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs for an award.
4. Put links to those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs for the people you've nominated.

I've decided to give this award to some blogs I've just recently stumbled upon. I've had them all on my reader for at least a few weeks--and I've been enjoying reading about the lives of these interesting ladies. Here they are!

Kyla Bea

Tied Together With a Smile
Sarah said.
The Twenty Something Reality
Perks of Being a JAP
Hope Dies Last
When Life Hands You Lemons

Lots of bloggy things to do

I have been so busy at work lately and my to do list just keeps growing. In the past week or two I've been tagged with a few memes and I still have to pass on an award. Today I am going to get that stuff off my plate and rid myself of bloggy guilt.

First, Rialeilani tagged me for a little self-reflection...

I am: incredibly sleepy
I think: I probably have a sleeping disorder
I know: it will be hard for me to stay focused today
I have: a hard time not hitting snooze five times each day
I wish: I could have stayed in bed today
I hate: oblivious people
I miss: my friend Carleigh
I fear: change
I hear: my space heater on full blast
I smell: my ginger peach reed diffuser
I crave: vanilla hazelnut coffee
I search: for nice picture frames and matting for Andrew’s birthday paintings
I wonder: when I’ll eat sushi next (Sorry, Ben.)
I regret: not being a better sister
I love: a merman and my family dearly

I ache: to make a difference in the world
I am not: in very good shape
I believe: in God
I dance: at weddings
I sing: at my favorite karaoke bar in Bloomfield
I cry: sometimes for no reason at all
I fight: racism
I win: most of the time when thumb wrestling
I lose: my train of thought a lot
I never: left the states
I always: eat ginger snaps at work
I confuse: Keira Knightley with Natalie Portman
I listen: to music every day
I can usually be found: reading outside on my lunch break in the summer
I am scared: of being poor
I need: lots of love
I am happy about: my future
I imagine: a world where there is no hunger or war
I tag: anyone who needs some blogging inspiration

Here is a blank list to make it easier to copy and paste:
I am:
I think:
I know:
I have:
I wish:
I hate:
I miss:
I fear:
I hear:
I smell:
I crave:
I search:
I wonder:
I regret:
I love:
I ache:
I am not:
I believe:
I dance:
I sing:
I cry:
I fight:
I win:
I lose:
I never:
I always:
I confuse:
I listen:
I can usually be found:
I am scared:
I need:
I am happy about:
I imagine:
I tag:

Tune in later for yet another meme and an award giveaway.

Till then... back to work.

Monday, August 18, 2008

The music is a part of me

My music collection is one of the places that I turn when I need my mood lifted. When the world is moving too fast, I turn here to help me slow it down.

Bob Dylan - Desire
Josh Ritter - Animal Years
Death Cab for Cutie - Plans
Iron and Wine- The Trapeze Swinger (the best 99 cents you will ever spend on i-tunes)
Ray LaMontagne - Trouble
Ryan Adams - Demolition
Sufjan Stevens - Seven Swans
Tracy Chapman - Tracy Chapman
Iron and Wine - Our Endless Numbered Days

There are lots more... but these are tried and true. I'm sure I'll still be listening to them 30 years from now.

What helps you tune out the world long enough to catch your breath?

Friday, August 15, 2008

A story in one sentence

When she was three, she sat up in bed, surrounded by her own vomit,telling her mother sternly, "It's just food!"

This is part of the 20SB Blog Carnival Six! You can still submit until Aug. 31.

I still got it

Walking back to my office after my perfectly wonderful lunch date with Andrew, I found myself walking towards a Patrick Dempsey wannabe. The sidewalk gets very narrow and overgrown with weeds at this point in my journey, and he steps aside to let me pass.

"Ladies, first," he says with a big smile.

I politely return the smile, avoiding eye-contact, as I make my way closer to my office.

"Hey, are you a student here.... or do you work here...?" he asks desperately.

Already fifteen minutes late, I glance at my watch and say exasperatedly, "Um... I work here." Cutting him off from his next question, I quickly say, "Hey, I'm sorry. I'm running late. I have to go."

As I make my getaway, he shouts, "Hey! Maybe I could call you sometime? We could get some dinner?"


I'm astonished because I really have not been hit on in ages and honestly rendered speechless.

"Or do you have a boyfriend, maybe?"

"Yes! Boyfriend. I have a boyfriend," I said quickly as I walked away. As I turned the corner, I realize my colleague has possibly overheard the entire exchange. She smiles at me. I take off my sunglasses (Ray-Bans, for all you haters out there). I give a sheepish grin--and say, "I was just hit on. It was totally weird. I am never hit on. I am really good at putting that "I'm-taken-vibe" out there."

"That just means you still got it," she said with a smirk.

"Yeah! I still got it," I said, running my fingers through my hair.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Floating away on eigth notes

I heard Kate Nash's "Merry Happy" on Sarah Said yesterday. First, I have to say, Sarah Marie has some great taste in music. It's true that we love a lot of the same artists--including Bob Dylan, Ben Kweller, and Mason Jennings. But what I'm really digging about her blog playlist is that I'm hearing some talented artists on her blog that I've never heard of or listened to before. (Side note: I usually HATE when people play music on their blogs--especially if it interferes with whatever I'm already listening to.) This is the kind of music that makes me wonder why I haven't purchased a CD since Christmas. It's time to get back out there and start adding to my collection again!

While running errands with Andrew yesterday, I spotted the KN album "Made of Bricks" on sale for $9.99 at Best Buy. I took that as a sign that it should be mine. I've listened to it literally all day.

(Side note: I really hate the fourth track, "D***head." The lyrics: "Why are you being a dick head for? Stop being a dick head. Why are you being a dick head for? You're just f-ing up situations." Um, yeah. Not exactly poetry.)

I just popped back over to Sarah Marie's site to see what else she had to show me, and ta da! The Pipettes! Genius. Going to add that to my list of music to check out at the library soon.

The list? You want to see the list?

Kelley Stoltz
Matt Costa
Jason Collet
The Lovely Sparrows
The Gentle Waves
La Rocca

I stumbled upon all of the above through Pandora when listening to a station based upon the music of Tilly and the Wall. Good stuff. Good stuff. Do any of you have anything to add to my list? Does anyone love/hate anyone already on the list? Speak up!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Utah can haz 4-day work week...

I know I'm a little late on this news... but here's hoping this is only the beginning of a very appealing solution to save resources.

I never thought I'd say this... but I'm jealous of Utah.

The cursed babyface

Between meetings and writing press releases, I have to scurry across campus to be a model for the afternoon. For the second time in my career, I'm being taken advantage of for looking so young. I'm posing as a student for the cover of one of the university's publications. Woot woot. You might wonder, "Why can't they just find a real student for this?" Simple. There are no students to be found in early August. Even the summer sessions are long over.

I'm told I should be flattered, and one day I'll be thankful to look so young. Sigh.

Boyfriend says, "I guess you chopped your hair off for nothing." Thanks, babe. :)

[I decided to take down the 2006 Flashback in the interest of keeping certain people from finding my blog. If you want to read the last two installments, send me an e-mail.)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bah da bah bah bah

So I'm a little late on the baby food game wrap up, but I just want to say I'm very proud of you all. Baby Food is the clear winner. McDonald's and Eggs are no match for strained peas.

Now then, moving right along. bFlat tagged me in some blog mischief. I now must share 7 random and weird facts about myself with you all.

I was taught the value of saving money at an early age—and now I get buyer’s remorse every time I make a purchase. Even if it is just a cup of coffee. (The guilt didn’t stop me from getting my hair did and my first massage this weekend, though!)

I have to make sure my hair straightener is unplugged about three times each morning. (Thanks for the OCD, Mom.)

I think I have carpal tunnel from the Wii.

I could go the rest of my life without watching television and not miss it for a second.

I always carry dental floss with me.

I blast my office space heater all year long.

I usually eat tacos for dinner twice a week.

Now I have to tag seven people and comment on their blog to let them know. I pick: Sophia, Angela, Nicole, Sarah, Andrea, Biscuit in a Basket, and Heather.

Monday, August 11, 2008

What do you mean I have critters in my head, Mom?

We sat on the big round shaggy brown rug, singing about grey squirrels waving their bushy tails, farmers in the dell, and a particularly frightening song about an old woman who swallowed a fly. I sat between the smelly kid and the only kindergartener who thought himself to be Romeo. Times were tough in Miss Wilkie's A.M. Kindergarten.

My cascading brown hair barely swept the rug as I later sat in the same place for story time and show and tell.

The school nurse appeared in the doorway and asked to speak with Miss Wilkie in the hallway. Soon after, the entire classroom was sent to the nurse's office. We stood in line excitedly waiting to have the nurse go through our hair with chop-sticks. "How weird!" we all giggled.

One by one my tiny peers were led back up to the classroom.

"Amanda, your mom is coming to pick you up," the nurse explained softly.

I burst into tears. Why wasn't I allowed to join my friends upstairs? Why wasn't I allowed to make puppets out of lunch bags?

My mom arrived at the school a few minutes later. I ran to her crying, "I don't want to go home, mommy!" I begged her to let me stay and return to my "studies".

The rest of the day was spent quarantined in my pink bedroom while my mom washed all the stuffed animals, pieces of clothing, and bedding that I owned. Crying bloody-murder when she threw away all of my barretts and hair bows, I asked why she was doing this to me.

"Honey, you have some critters in your head."

"Critters?" I asked between sobs.

"Yes. Just some critters."

Later, my whole family was shampooed with a special critter-killing formula.

In time I got some new barrettes and went back to school--blaming the critters on the smelly kid.

Now, had I known the critter she spoke of looked more like this...

Rather than, oh say... this...

I might have had bigger concerns than my big floppy pink hair accessory being tossed in the garbage.

I'm not sure these toys are such a good idea... and why is Herpes smiling? What message are we sending here?

(Found these funny plushes on Rae's blog. Check it out.)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Q & A

Q. What makes Amanda laugh on a day like today?

A. Sharing her sandwich with a flock of hungry finches.

Q. What made you laugh today?


I've been feeling rather blue for the past few days. As a result, my creative juices are not flowing freely. I'm using a vacation day tomorrow to rest and try to dig my way out of this funk. Till then, I need to figure out how to get motivated to tie up loose ends at work.

(Decided to take down the 2006 Flashback to keep certain people from finding my blog. If you want to read the final two installments, send me an e-mail.)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

And now another way to waste my time

Boyfriend got a wii from his dear parents for his birthday. I (teasingly) told him that I definitely won't break up with him now.

His mom's reply? "Why do you think I got it for him!" Aw, she's cute.

(EDIT: Did I mention his parents have a strict no-return policy on Andrew? That's OK. I think I'll keep him.)

Anyhow, I know a lot of my blogger buddies have wiis of their own. Send me an e-mail if you want to trade console numbers so we can throw bananas and shells at each other.

That's all for today, kids. Keep moving along.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I'll be at the beach. How about you?

Sarah's post today led me to a blog I've heard a lot about in the blogging community--A Cup of Jo. The question posed is simple, though required much more thought than I had first imagined.

"If you could do anything tomorrow, what would it be?"

My answer: Because I feel like I haven't had a chance to actually experience the summer yet--I would spend the day on a warm sunny beach with my boyfriend, a stack of good books, snacks, and a cooler full of cold drinks.

Where would you be tomorrow?

Monday, August 4, 2008

The big birthday gift reveal--And learn Boyfriend's true identity

Not long ago I was about to burst from keeping Boyfriend's birthday present a secret. Well, his birthday is tomorrow, and in a predictable fashion, I crumbled under the pressure and already gave him his gifts. This is good news for you, because now I can show you all what I've been dying to talk about for months.

A good friend of mine recently received portraits of herself and her boyfriend as a gift from her talented artist pal Rebecca Doss. I fell completely head over heels for the paintings, and decided to commission my very first artwork.

You might have guessed by the Merpanda ordeal, that I am fond of the sea people. Well, long before I was Merpanda, I was Mermanda. As in ... Amanda the mermaid... get it? Cute, no?

Boyfriend's name is Andrew. (Gasp! His identity is revealed!) And if you are following along at home, you may refer to us as our celeb couple name, Amandrew.

Stop me if this is getting confusing... Andrew's alter-ego is Mermandrew. Ok?

So, what is the point, you might ask yourself. With this sea-love-theme in my mind, I requested that Rebecca painted me in all my flopper-glory. I originally envisioned Andrew would also be portrayed as a mer-person. But, Rebecca approached me with the awesome idea of painting Andrew as a fisherman--about to reel me in to his boat. She requested many photos of us to make the paintings as true to life as possible.

I think she did a great job. And Andrew? He says its the best birthday gift he's ever received. Crap. How am I supposed to beat that next year?

Want to be immortalized too? You can contact Rebecca on her Web site, for a quote. And I highly recommend that you do just that.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Jumping on the Someecards Meme Bandwagon

I have adored for quite a while now. Like a good blogger, I did my research. I looked at someecards until my eyes bled... just to find the best possible combination for my meme. I now present to you, the five someecards that remind me most of myself.

I once had a crush on a coworker I had never met based solely on his shared iTunes. This does not surprise me. I also have cruised for guys on MySpace judging them purely on their musical tastes. (Minus eleventy million points for those people who "listen to everything"--you tasteless bastards.)

Is it sad that I'd be "lucky" to get a 3 percent raise?

And on a related note...

I'm not bitter, actually. I just would really like my $75 back from the Clintons. (So if you're reading this, Hillary, e-mail me for my address. I have bills to pay, yo.)

'Nuff said.

I love it when people google me. But have you ever tried to casually mention to someone that you recently googled them? Is there a way to say this without setting off their stalker/serial murderer alert?

When perfectly mobile people sitting in the front of the bus watch a little old lady or extremely pregnant woman stumble on to the bus and no one offers up his or her seat... I get PISSED. (I always give up my seat. Always.)