Wednesday, July 16, 2008

No cupcake faces here

While people are googling cute things like "cupcake face" and stumbling upon Jenn's blog--people are finding my blog in a rather uncute fashion.

"Feeling nauseated due to accumulation of mucus in stomach"

Ok, bloggers. Take heed. If you ever mention the word "mucus" on your blog, a lot of phlegmy Internet surfers are going to find you.

In addition to the many snot-related searches that bring people to my blog, there are also these gems:

"I hate working out"

Me too, dude. Meeee toooo.

"Stop the lol"


"best normal people sofa beds"

I never claimed to be normal. Which blog is this person reading?

"blog anonymous married secret"

Whoa! Not even going to ask...

"the way it tastes right it is not normal what is normal"



Jamie Lovely said...

Never stop the lolz!

Anonymous said...

Hhaha! I get some pretty weird ones myself!

Pretty Unfamous said...

I still don't have any crazy search terms. Just "Ang Smiles," and "My Quiet Testimony." Wow. Surprise surprise!

Lauren said...


I once got "how straighten white afro." That person is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for the link love!

Someone came to mine while searching for "Girls who cry during sex."

I don't even remember writing about that!

Anonymous said...

I think the best part of having a blog is the search terms.

I've discovered that I am by far not the only one that wants to be friends with the Amish.

Mermanda said...

Ok. So I just realized I never commented back to you kids. Still not sure people even bother checking for this stuff... but I'm pretty sure a week old comment is worthless. Sorry dudettes. Life was CRAZY last week.

Anonymous said...

I found you by googleing " I drunk dialed my boyfriend" I like your blog though so good find!