Thursday, July 3, 2008

Must have been a beautiful baby...

Quick update on the furniture situation and then on to bigger and better things.

We bought a futon last night. I picked a blue suede cover that ended up clashing horribly with my birdie desk--which as actually more of a turquoise as it turns out. Tonight we head back to the store, which happens to only sells futons. (Who knew such a store existed? And only one mile from my house!) I'm planning on exchanging the blue cover for an olive green shade that will complement the painted accents on the desk, rather than compete with them.

So... um... have I told you lately that I like you? Oh, man. I'm blushing. No. Really. I am so glad to be part of this community. I think it is awesome how our posts inspire each other's writing and lift up our spirits. Ok. That sounds insanely corny. I'm sorry. Moving right along...

I want to thank Jenn for inspiring me (yet again) to share some silly pics of me as a little tot with the blogosphere.

So feast your eyes on these photos and everyone have a great holiday weekend!

This is me and one of my first pets, Fraggle. We lived in the hood. My parents decided the area was getting too dangerous when my dad's car was stolen (twice.) I often tell people I was born and raised in the hood to give myself some extra street cred--even if we did move to the suburbs when I was three. Details, details. Fun fact: I'm moving back to this same hood in two weeks. Isn't life funny?

Sporting some sweet Mickey ears and shades in Disney World. I went to Disney World a lot as a child, as my dad's best friend lives in Daytona, Florida. How lucky for me!

Playing in the balls at Chuck E. Cheese's... where a kid can be a kid!

I think I was some kind of princess Barbie for Halloween one year. Notice the hooker make-up and stone-washed jeans.

Batgirl! The curly-haired munchkin next to me is Wonder Woman... I mean, my sister. This costume was actually meant to be pajamas. Shh! Don't tell. It might ruin my street cred. Take a nice gander at those sweet LA Gears with the hotpink laces. Turquoise socks? Who dressed me!? Oh, and if you look reeeeaaallly closely, you will see that I'm wearing dangly batman earrings. I still whip those suckers out for special occasions.....

Bringing it full-circle with a shot of me eating meat at a Brazilian restaurant where they bring you a never-ending supply of meat on swords. I was wearing the batman earrings in celebration of Boyfriend's new job about a month ago.


Anonymous said...

Hey!! Thanks for the comment. Just to answer your question quick - look at the top of your page in your google reader, there's a link that says 'view details'. Click on that and voila!

I'm making cupcakes so I'm in a rush - will check out your site asap! :)

Promise - I'll be back!


Anonymous said...

Hahaha! I love the Bat Girl & Wonder Woman costumes :) Thanks muchly for the link love.

Lauren said...

Those are adorable! Also, I love the Batman earrings!

Jamie Lovely said...

Aw how adorable!

Bayjb said...

I really love the first picture with the cat. That's so cute. I'm digging through my kiddie pictures now :) Suddenly feel like a trip down memory lane.