Wednesday, July 2, 2008

It's ok. I didn't want my identity anyhow...

Remember when I said Kinko's was keeping my identity safe and sound in the lost and found box? Well, they are liars. I went to pick up my W2 forms last night and the clerk (ugh, hate that word) looked through the damn box three times. He found three W2 forms with names that were not mine. This was irritating because this was the phone conversation I shared with this exact Kinko's employee 24-hours earlier:

Me: Hi. I think I left some W2 forms in the copier last week. Could you tell me if anyone has turned them in?

Dude: Sure. Let me look in the lost and found. Hold on.

Me: (Holding)

Dude: Ok. Yeah. We have them... what was the name on them?

Me: Amanda (Last Name)

Dude: Yep! We have them!

Me: Oh, great! Can you hold on to them for one more day? I will pick them up tomorrow evening.

Dude: Sure thing! Bye!

Ok. So... wtf? Did the Kinko's man steal my identity and then play dumb when I came to pick up the forms? Did he just take for granted the forms were mine and not even check the names? Ugh! This is going to be like those awful commercials where an old hairy biker dude is talking in a high-pitched voice getting a pedicure with my identity. Not cool.

P.S. What's worse: wearing peep toes with 3-week-old peeling green toe nail polish--or unpolished nails? I finally took off my old green polish last night and didn't have time to repaint them. And if you asked me right now, I'd say unpolished nails is definitely worse.


Anonymous said...

Unpolished gets better as the time wears on... No worries.

And I LOATHE Kinko's. They're the only company I boycott. I hate them, and I hate that they make themselves so pseudo-convenient. They provide all these services and stay open 24 hours a day, but their employees are a waste of space and I always spend WAY too much time in there.

I don't have any strong feelings, or anything... Haha.

Lauren said...

I think unpolished is fine, really. At least I hope it is!

Kinkos = awful. I can't believe they lost your papers. You should go back and talk to someone who ISN'T that dude. Maybe he put them somewhere else after talking to you on the phone? I'm sorry you're going through this.

Anonymous said...

I hope you find your W2. Stupid Kinkos employee!

I think unpolished is fine for a few days.

Susel said...

I hope you find your documents! not cool!