Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Is this thing on?

Helllooooooo? ::Ahem:: Test. Test. Test. Yeah? Can you hear me now? Test. Test. Test. Oh... now? You can? Oh... alright...

Hey! Is anyone out there? Is blogland on summer hiatus?


Hmmm. I guess the show must go on!

I've been meaning to write about this article in the June 30 issue of Newsweek, "My Shrink Says... Blog!" Apparently confessional blogs are considered medicine to mental-health experts.

... Psychiatrists are starting to tout the therapeutic power of blogging, and may have begun incorporating it into patient treatment. A forthcoming study in the joournal CyberPsychology & Behavior even suggests that bloggers might be happier than nonbloggers....

... According to psychologist John Suler, the anonymity of blogging provides another therapeutic boost: it's high intimacy but low vulnerability. But blogger beware. "Revealing too much," says Suler, "can cause shame or guilt." So blog to your heart's content, but leave some things to the imagination.

So what do you think? Is this news interesting or common sense? Expressing yourself on a regular basis leads to a happier you. Seems logical, no?

Is your blog essential to your mental-health? Do you feel noticeably unhappier on days when you can't blog?

Lately my blog has been causing me some stress. There are things I want to share and vent about here, but this is not an anonymous blog... so I sometimes feel restricted. I'd elaborate, but this is me "leaving some things to the imagination."


Anonymous said...

I agree whole-heartedly with your last paragraph -- I want to blog, but there's nothing I really want to air to the entire blogging community. So I'll also settle for the term "hiatus."

Anonymous said...

I totally feel ya on the whole wanting-to-vent-but-my-blog-isn't-
have-to-say-about-her thing. Life would be so much easier if I would have never put a link to my blog from my myspace page. ahh!

Lauren said...

I actually get stressed when I don't write. Some of my posts are thoughtless, just put on to put something out there. And then some are actually constructed and, hopefully, interesting. I get upset if I don't post something "good" in a bit.

But, really, I use it to unleash thoughts.

Yeah. that's why I like my blog.