Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Can I get a four day work week up in here?

Exhausted as usual. Despite crossing a few things off my to-do list at work, I'm unfocused and in need of a nap. I spent my lunch reading outside, hoping the sun would recharge me. I'm not feeling too peppy, but I am a little more tan. I'll take what I can get.

I am amazed that I still am not completely unpacked... but then again, our closet rod was just fixed yesterday. Tonight I will get all of the clothes off the futon and out of sight. Let me tell you how fun it is to root through a sea of clothes hanging off their hangers and onto the floor each morning as I try to find something that won't make me look like a five-year-old who dresses herself in the dark. About as fun as getting a headache from smelling burning plastic every time we turn on our oven. (A story for another time.)

Sorry I've been AWOL around here lately. A busy weekend consisting of laundry, unpacking, cleaning, a going away party/birthday party, family gathering at the new house, another birthday party, shopping for patio furniture and a new grill, and dinner with Boyfriend's fam has not left much time to stay on top of my google reader. Oy. No wonder I'm so tired. Going to bed early tonight. (Yeah, right.)



Anonymous said...

ugh we need a new stove! every time we turn on a burner it smells like burning plastic. I think it's killing us slowly :P

Lauren said...

I wish we all had four day work weeks. Three days of weekend? Heck yes!

I do have a four day work week this week, however it's only so I can drive 8 hours to make it to georgia for yet another wedding. Which might equal my boring workday. Ugh.

Ben said...

It's an AWOL sort of week for a lot of people I think...mid summer slump?

Anonymous said...

J messed something in our oven and everytime we put it on our whole place fills with smoke. I should probably just wash it huh?

No freakin' way - he made the mess. He can clean it.

And so it happens that it doesn't get cleaned. haha!

Mermanda said...

Rialeilani, isn't that such an awful smell? Every time we've attempted to cook in the new oven, we immediately turn it off and open all of the windows to air out the house. Instant headache.

Lauren, enjoy your day off! Bring lots of good tunes for your drive. And I hope the wedding involves lots of college mascots ;)

Ben, Mid Summer Slump. That's my middle name.

SJ, my boyfriend is to blame for our smokiness and smelliness too. He left the new manual (which was wrapped with some kind of rubber straps) when he preheated the oven the first time he used it. The manual went up in smoke and the plastic had to be scraped from the sides of the brand new oven. Ooops.