Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Backwards Prioritizing

Talents I am often recognized for in the office are my organizational skills and ability to prioritize tasks. I have not one... not two... not three... but FOUR calendars in my office. Four! That's a lot of calendars, people!

I have two on my wall (one displaying the current month, and the other displaying the one after), one on my desk (it really serves no purpose other than giving me pure joy when I flip the pages to "Friday"), and one purse-sized planner that keeps my life in order.

Some people may consider this obsessive. Some people would be right.

I feel my OCD spinning out of control right now... and not just because I am in the throes of a battle of backwards prioritizing. (Why did I feel the need to start and finish a project that isn't due until September 8 yesterday--when I have something due in a week that I haven't even started yet? Who does that?)

There are things in need of repair at the new house that are keeping me from being as unpacked as I would like to be. The massive closet rod is bowing under the pressure of not even a quarter of my clothes. Um... problem. Boyfriend has clothes too. Crap.

When I get home from work I just want to lay on the couch and zone out. Relax. Maybe eat some ice cream. But instead, I am a slave to my OCD tendencies--which are at their worst when I move.

Everything needs to be washed. Everything. That platter that was clean when I packed it three days ago--wrapped in a clean bath towel for protection from breaking? Needs washed. Every kitchen utensil that we own? Including five spatulas... who needs that many spatulas?!? Wash them! All of them. What's that? No one has ever used these cabinets before because they were just installed less than a month ago? FILTHY! SCRUB!

See what Boyfriend has to put up with? It's really sad. He wasn't even allowed to watch Family Guy reruns on our brand new cable (we're like real adults!) last night because there were still three boxes of books to be unpacked and knicknacks to arrange.

I can't rest until everything is in its place. Luckily, the landlord is repairing our closet rod tomorrow. Maybe everything will be ok. Maybe I can has ice cream.


Anonymous said...

You make me feel normal, seriously. Haha! I suffer from Backwards Prioritizing as well... especially with the whole unpacking thing. Who hangs up mirrors and pictures on the walls 2 full months before they unpack their clothes? Me.

Sophia said...

whenever I get back from a trip, no matter how late at night, I HAVE to unpack and get my laundry ready to go before I do anything else or go to sleep. I haven't experienced a move like that yet, but I can imagine what you're going through...

Pretty Unfamous said...

I backwards-prioritize, too. It's all about what I think is more fun.

Anonymous said...

How awesome are we?

I will unpack the fun things first. Line the bookshelves, put the DVDs away, arrange the furniture. Then I'll tackle the practical.

I can't relax until everything is where it should be so I'm often done unpacking within a couple of days..if not the same day.

Mermanda said...

Morgan, I wish our pictures were hung! I can deal with the pile of clothes on the floor for a few more days, if I must... but these walls... too naked.

Sophia, I used to move back to college and practically lock myself in my dorm room until everything was set up in a satisfying fashion. While everyone else was meeting up at the bars for reunions, I was hanging my Mandy Moore posters.

Angela, what is more fun... or what is less mind-numbing. It's all the same.

Jenn, when are you and Jamie coming to test out my guest room? The futon is assembled, betches!

Jamie Lovely said...

Okay, when can I come visit?!

Mermanda said...

Jamie, duh. Now. (Or maybe when we are done unpacking for real?)

Jamie Lovely said...

Um seriously, I would be down because my sister is going to school in PA at the Savini School of Special Effects.

Seriously. Let's do this!