Monday, June 30, 2008

Ups and Downs

Good news: My identity hasn't been stolen (yet). I couldn't find my W2 forms that I made copies of last week for the apartment application. After a quick call to Kinkos, I learned my identity has been in the safe hands of the lost and found box. Phew!

Bad news: The Canadian couple were so awesome and loved the apartment. However, even though I made it very clear in the Craigs List ad that no pets are allowed--and reiterated that fact in person--they failed to mention they have a pet bird. Yes, birds are in fact pets. My landlady made this clear when she told them they would have to give their bird away or pass on the apartment. After sleeping on it, they agreed they couldn't part with their pet. I don't blame them. So the search goes on. In the meantime, my landlady is demanding July's rent, even though we paid her the final month's rent upon signing the lease a year ago. She claims that is now considered rent for July 2009 since our lease is self-renewing. Moral of the story: read the fine print unless you want financially raped.


Anonymous said...

So very glad to hear your identity is your own!

Rent and the bird people are not cool though :(

Bayjb said...

God I hate landlords like that. She's just trying to bleed you for money. Go talk to a renter's rights atty about breaking the lease. I'm sure you can somehow.

Johnny said...

they should have just not mentioned the bird and, if caught with it, claimed they were keeping it for tomorrow's dinner.

that might work?