Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Orange is the new sofa bed

First, thanks for all the good vibes you lovely bloggers are sending my way. I know it is too early to start thinking about how I am going to pimp out the guest room in the new apartment. We haven't even turned in our application yet... but it is not like me to be patient. So I will continue browsing the web for some cute furnishings like THIS:

LYCKSELE MURBO Sofa bed by Ikea

Floor Covering by Kakadu Designs

I love the sunset motif of the floor mat. I have the wall clock from Kakadu in this motif in my office. It brings a little color to my otherwise boring white walls. As beautiful as this floor mat is, the price is a little out of my budget. Maybe I can settle for this vase of same motif.


Lauren said...

That couch is amazing! I love Ikea.

Anonymous said...

I will be more than happy to test out the future guest room :P

Bayjb said...

I'll totally help test that guest room too. I travel light. Love the floor mat. LOVE IT.

Daszzle said...

I like the couch, very modern! Goat (read:fiance) and I are looking for futons... you've opened my eyes to a cooler option than uncomfortable metal frame meets padded mat.

Anonymous said...

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duke.glosgow said...

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