Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hate working out? Eat a cookie!

I'm about at the halfway point in my physical therapy adventure. Only five more weeks... and I am surprised to say this... but I'm going to actually miss dragging my butt to PT twice a week. What? Who would say such a thing?

I've been blessed with probably the most awesome physical therapist in the whole world! Or at least Pittsburgh. Her upbeat attitude makes me look forward to our sessions, and she knows how to keep challenging me without making me resent her. Sometimes when she introduces me to a particularly difficult exercise, she does them right along side of me saying, "I just had a baby! I need to work my abs too!" (P.S. She is like 100 lbs and once said to me, "I think you are taller than me." To which I replied, "WHAT!? I'm not taller than anyone!")

Oh, and did I mention that she rewarded me with a cookie today? I really did deserve it--she made me stand on this upside down ball thing with a board on top of it (I know, that is a horrible description, see below for a better idea of what I'm talking about it). Once I found my center, she told me to do ten squats while nearly wobbling to my death. I looked so completely ridiculous that the other people on the PT staff were clearly amused by watching me. Because most of the staff is either my age or just a few years older than me, I usually feel like one of the gang. So naturally, after others laughed at my expense, I requested to see them give the bosu board a try. And guess what? They are such good sports that they each took their turn teetering upon the contraption for my amusement. There was much giggling.


Rae // theNotice said...

Aww! She sounds amazing! (I've just begun reading your blog recently, and I must say, you're terrific!)

My version of a trainer is my mom or sister hovering around telling me to work out, because "even I could take you without breaking a sweat!" :P

Lauren said...

You get a cookie?!? I want that physical therapist!