Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bizarre fears. I has them.

Did you ever catch yourself doing something and have to laugh? It is a strange feeling--realizing you are weirder than you had previously thought. Luckily, I already know I'm a pretty strange bird, so there aren't too many surprises left.

The other day I caught myself running my fingers along the back of my waistline after leaving the bathroom. I realized I do this every time I exit the bathroom at work. Every time.

I also recently caught myself feeling overly-anxious about walking past a high-rise building, staying as close to the facade as possible as I moved through the street.

What's my problem? See below.

My top five most bizarre fears:

5. I will die of carbon monoxide poisoning in my apartment. (I smell weird things sometimes... I know carbon monoxide is odorless... you can't reason with my psyche.)
4. My apartment will catch on fire and I won't be able to get out. (The deadbolt sticks sometimes.)
3. I will trip on the sidewalk and fall on my face, breaking my teeth. (I have lots of tooth-related fears, actually. Nightmares too...)
2. I have toilet paper sticking out of the back of my pants. (It's happened!)
1. Someone will jump to their death from a tall building and accidentally land on me--killing me on the spot. (Morbid... I know.)

What are your most unique fears?


Anonymous said...

Well thanks to you I am now afraid of tripping and smashing my teeth on the pavement and people jumping off of buildings onto me :)

Mermanda said...

Jenn, you just had me cracking up in a "she must not be really working in there" sort of way. Thanks!

Becky said...

I had carbon monoxide poisoning in my house, not fun.

My irrational fear is that someone is under my bed to murder me when I shut the lights off at night. The only way to ruin their evil plan is to JUMP from my light switch to my bed so they can't reach their arms out and grab me. I'm the strange bird....

Johnny said...

I don't really like it when people come to my house. does that count?

Gertrude said...

I don't like walking under trees at night. When I use to walk home from my neighbors house I was always afraid that people would jump down from the trees between our property and kidnap me.

Anonymous said...

I don't share bizarre fears because one of them is that someone I don't like will decide to make them come true.

Bayjb said...

Okay this is slightly crazy but I am terrified of the water (thanks to Jaws). I seriously fear lakes, oceans, pools, bathtubs because I think Jaws is going to tear me in half. This wasn't helped by the fact that my brother once pretended to be a shark and dragged me under the water and held me there. I hate him.

Thanks for the great comment! I'm adding you to my reader today. Are you on Twitter?

Anonymous said...

I fear being kidnapped.

That, and I'm terrified of open water. It's fine if I can see to the bottom but otherwise I get so incredibly freaked out.

You're officially on my reader now, by the way. I love reading your blog. :)

Rae // theNotice said...

Oh my god! You are so weird! Also, I share a lot of your fears! :P

Do you mind if I do my own one of this and link back? It's a terrific idea!

Lauren said...

It's more normal than you'd think (I like to believe this, at least). I fear my house burning with me in it as well. A lot. I fear falling in front of people, too.

I also fear large ducks, but that's another story.