Friday, June 27, 2008

Another apartment adventure

It's offical, folks. Boyfriend and I signed the lease yesterday. We are totally pumped. Oh, except for how our landlady wants to charge us $1,000 for terminating our current lease early. It seems we didn't read the fine print of the lease. It is self-renewing unless we give four months' written notice. Now maybe it's just me... but four months seems unreasonably early. Apartments that will be available four months from now won't be advertised until at least late August. Whatevs. We signed the contract. Now we are stuck...

Unless I can come up with some fantastic plan to convince the landlady not to charge us the $1,000....

Oh wait! I already did! After a grueling 45-minute conversation with her last night, we've reached an agreement. I do all of the legwork finding her some new credit-worthy tenants, and we are even. Woot Woot!

She doesn't seem to think I will have a very easy time finding decent prospects at this time of year because "all of the good apartment hunters started looking months ago." Personally, I don't understand that logic. Nice normal people who can pay their rent on time are liable to look at an apartment any time of year... except maybe the winter. Am I right?

Anyhow, boyfriend took some great photos of our current apartment and we slapped those suckers on Craigslist last night. Within TWO MINUTES I got my first reply. A Canadian PhD student and his wife are moving to Pittsburgh in August. We are showing them the apartment today, and showing four more times throughout the weekend. This is going to be too easy.

I've already showed you where I'm going to be living in three weeks. So,
I guess it is only fitting that I show you where I've called the past year home.


Bayjb said...

Cute place. Wow 4-months termination notice? That's a lot. Holy cow. A family friend had 6 months which I thought was even more insane. Glad it all worked out!

Anonymous said...

Four months does seem a bit crazy. I'm glad you were able to talk her out of that $1,000! Go you!